Let's Build a Zoo New DLC Aquarium Odyssey Coming Out This Year

Enjoy the new free update which introduces the cute sloths.
New content coming soon.
New content coming soon. Springloaded

Some underwater fun is headed to Let's Build a Zoo with the new DLC Aquarium Odyssey offering new content like aquatic creatures and a full story campaign. This is the second paid DLC to be introduced but the actual price has yet to be revealed. It’s coming out later this year.

Here's what you can expect from this upcoming DLC:

  • A Whole New Campaign
    • Enjoy new adventures on this unexplored Aquarium Island full of new quests, moral choices, and news articles.
    • See if you can build a successful zoo in this springwater and squeaky fresh setting.
  • New Animals
    • Get ready for more than 50 new fish and mammal species, all ready to be adopted and showcased to visitors.
    • There's a lot to take in, care for, and even splice with others.
    • By adding sea animals to the zoo, you can create more than 10 million animal variants in the sandbox mode.
  • New Enclosure Types
    • Learn more about new charges and build environments perfect for their needs.
    • Allow guests to get up-close and personal with all-glass panels.
  • New Shops and Decorations
    • Let guests step into a brand-new world with new themed shops, decorations, signs, and pathways.
    • Take inspiration from your new creatures and show off their wild environments throughout the zoo.

New Update

While waiting for the DLC, players can enjoy the new free update which adds sloths and a new game mechanic to keep everyone on their toes. The update also brings quality-of-life improvements including:

  • Added bus sound to the background of the title screen.
  • Added sounds when navigating the menu in the Quick Select Shortcuts when using the controller.
  • Added building sound when editing enclosures.
  • Minimized background music when the player is in the pause menu in-game.
  • Build sounds now play when an enclosure fully completes its build/re-build or is destroyed.
  • Fixed zooming when the player's camera while an animal sound is playing caused the sound to fire rapidly.
  • Fixed Inspect button in the Employee'/'Visitor panel not making a clicking sound when selected using the controller.
  • Fixed OK button in the New-Thing!/Employee Level-Up! panel not making a clicking sound when using a controller.
  • Fixed bus sounds in-game being too soft.
  • Fixed Profit Overview not displaying the correct values.
  • Fixed controller mouse disappearing after selecting any option in the black market dealer whilst in the alert menu.
  • Fixed the rendering of progress bars where the bar sometimes renders outside of its frame (as well as its mouseover highlights).

Get Let's Build a Zoo on Steam now.

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