Legends of Tomorrow Recap: The Constantine Episode’s Best Moments

Constantine, Captain Cold and White Canary go on a mission.
Constantine, Captain Cold and White Canary go on a mission. CW

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 episode 10, “Daddy Darhkest,” brought back the only cigarette smoker (and master of the occult) in the Arrowverse -- John Constantine. Within five minutes, he was flirting with everyone on the Waverider. The Doctor Who shoutouts, Sting references, and a love triangle between Constantine, Captain Cold and White Canary were far from the most important moments of the episode. Constantine faces old demons when reminded of Astra, Amaya meets her granddaughter, Kuasa, and we learn about what happened to Damien Darhk’s family after Arrow Season 4.


Who is Astra?

With White Canary and Nora Darhk’s lives on the line, Constantine was reminded of Astra. If you didn’t watch the Constantine NBC series, you might have missed the references may have gotten past you. Astra Logue is a young girl trapped in hell for eternity after a botched exorcism. John has forever been haunted by his actions, devoting much of his time expelling demons to honor her name. The story is essential to understanding the motives of the live-action Constantine. If you haven’t watched the series, it’s free on CW Seed.


Nora Darhk

After Damien Darhk was killed in Arrow Season 4, his daughter, Nora, was placed in Star City's Child Protective Services. At some point between then and now, Mallus possessed her. Mallus, a demon of the highest order, was a time bureau myth until the Legends broke time by using the Spear of Destiny to take down the Legion of Doom in the Season 2 finale. Placed in Sumner asylum after being possessed, Constantine pays Nora numerous visits to extract Mallus. It doesn’t work, but Sara is eventually able to free her from Mallus’s control by traveling to the dark dimension to get her out. Interestingly, it’s an adult Nora (Courtney Ford) who resurrects Damien, allowing him to assemble a new group of villains who create trouble for the Legends in Season 3. At the end of the episode, Damien appears and tells his daughter that Mallus is a savior. It will be interesting to see how this show combines magic and time travel moving forward. It’s likely Zari, Amaya and the other unfound totems will hold the key to defeating Mallus.


Captain Cold & The Ray

If you remember back to the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, he and The Ray were in a very committed relationship. It seems one of the only reasons the writers had Captain Cold stay aboard the ship was to interact with Constantine, but regardless, his visit has culminated in another wedding date. The Ray and Snart are getting married. Constantine’s wink did not work on Captain Cold…


White Canary & Constantine

But the wink did work on White Canary. “Are we really this damaged?” White Canary asks Constantine. “I certainly hope so,” the warlock says, flashing crazy eyes. Sex in the laundry room of the Sumner asylum ensues.

“It was simply something that had to be done,” said Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim via Entertainment Weekly.



While Constantine, White Canary and Cold were doing an exorcism, Amaya met her granddaughter, Kuasa. She revealed Zambezi, their home village, was destroyed in 1992. Amaya dies in the battle, while Kuasa’s mother escapes with Mari (younger Vixen). Kauasa is left behind and eventually crosses paths with Damien Darhk, who appears to have struck a deal to save Zambezi and Amaya’s life. The catch is that Kauasa’s mission could have unforeseen effects to the timeline. If Amaya goes back to Zambezi, at least she knows Mari and Kuasa live. But if she decides to stay aboard the Waverider, the timeline is at risk. What will she do?


Even Leo Ships Avalance

At the very beginning of the episode, Leo (Earth X Snart) takes Sara Lance aside to encourage her to take her relationship with Ava Lance more seriously. He points out White Canary is missing all the “courtship signs.” And, to be fair, he’s right. At the end of the episode, Sara calls to invite Ava to the Waverider. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see where this goes.


Legends airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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