Legendary: Heroes Unchained Hopes to Redefine Fun in Web3 Gaming

A new adventure awaits.
A new adventure awaits. N3TOWRK Studios

If you’re into hero collector games, then you should keep your eyes peeled for Legendary: Heroes Unchained. This new game is part of the Legendary universe and hopes to redefine fun in the world of Web3 gaming. In essence, this is a blockchain game.

The game is to be initially launched on web browsers and later on Android, iOS, and PC. It’s also going to offer a cross-platform feature.

According to N3TWORK Studios President Matt Ricchetti, they believe that Web3 is not just going to be exciting but also inevitable, especially since it places the power of digital ownership to the community. He added that when players get to own their heroes, gears, and other in-game items, it makes the game more fun and more fair.

The first pre-sale of the Founder's Edition NFT Heroes arrives in November. So, the team is now hard at work in entertaining and growing the community of the game.

Players have already been treated to gameplay through a daily and dungeon-crawling mini-game playable on Discord. By joining in these daily and throwback adventures while competing for high scores, players can earn highly desirable spots in the allowlist for the Founder's NFT Mint.


If you're excited about the game, here's the progress and the future plans:

  • September 2021
    • The game is officially announced.
    • Pre-registration begins with the ability to earn exclusive NFT rewards.
  • December 2021
    • 100K Pre-Registrations
      • Over 100,000 players have pre-registered for the game.
  • Third Quarter 2022
    • Discord Community is Open
      • The Discord server opens with daily opportunities to help guide the future of the game.
    • Dungeon Crawler Mini-Game
      • A first taste of the gameplay.
      • A fully featured dungeon crawler mini-game that can be played directly on Discord.
    • Allowlist Competitions
      • Daily competition for spots on the pre-sale whitelist.
  • First Quarter 2023
    • Hero Drop 1
      • Become a Founder and collect Founder’s Series NFTs by joining the drop.
    • Early Access 1
      • Founders NFT holders can earn exclusive NFTs by playing the early access version of LHU.
    • Hero Drop 2
      • A second chance to collect Founder’s Series Hero NFTs.
  • Second Quarter 2023
    • Hero Drop 3
      • Last chance to collect Founder’s Series Hero NFTs.
    • Early Access 2
      • In the second early access period, players can earn additional NFTs and engage in new gameplay features with their Founders NFTs.
  • Third Quarter 2023
    • Early Access 3
      • Founders NFT holders can play the game with the new guild system, guild events and modes.
    • Marketplace & Tokens Launched
      • Earn tokens through play or buy and sell them on the exchange.
      • Ability to buy and sell NFTs with other players.
  • ​Fourth Quarter 2023
    • Open Access
      • The game is accessible to more players around the world as it enters open access and releases the second series of NFTs.

Learn more about Legendary: Heroes Unchained here.

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