The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is Launching This September

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The game was first released in Japan more than a decade ago, then later in China. There was actually an English version but more of a fan translation. It’s part of the Trails series, which in turn is a part of The Legend of Heroes franchise. The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero and its sequel is fondly called by fans the “Crossbell Arc” since that is where the story takes place, in Crossbell State.

The game tells the story of Lloyd Bannings, who goes back to his hometown to join the Crossbell Police Department. Once there, he's assigned to a new division known as the Special Support Section. They are tasked with odd jobs and helping people in need. However, the team later discovered that their vibrant city hides a criminal underbelly.

For those of you who are curious, here’s an overview of the team:

  • Lloyd Bannings
    • A rookie detective in the Crossbell Police Department and the main character of the game.
    • His weapons of choice are a set of specialized police batons, also known as tonfa, made for suppressing dangerous threats.
  • Elie MacDowell
    • The granddaughter of Henry MacDowell, the mayor of Crossbell.
    • Her personality may look like a typical honor student, but she also has a daring side.
    • She enjoys practicing her marksmanship in her free time.
  • Randy Orlando
    • A former member of the Crossbell Guardian Force.
    • A highly skilled fighter who uses a powerful stun halberd to take down opponents.
  • Tio Plato
    • A girl who works for the Epstein Foundation, one of the continent's leading technological institutes.
    • The Orbal staff she uses in battle can deal powerful magical damage and even reconfigure itself into different forms, depending on its current mode.
  • Noel Seeker
    • A member of the Crossbell Guardian Force, an organization in charge of the defense of Crossbell State.
    • She specializes in wielding dual submachine guns.
    • She is skilled at driving the CGF's new armored cars.
  • Wazy Hemisphere
    • A mysterious young man whose beautiful face hides a cool, yet mischievous personality.
    • A skilled martial artist, he uses his light frame and quick footwork to excel in aerial combat.

Key features of the game include:

  • Welcome to Crossbell
    • An exciting story arc in the Trails universe starts in this iconic city-state.
    • Experience a rich and refreshing game world that is teeming with secrets and adventures.
  • Polished Tactics
    • Strategic combat has been refined, resulting in rich, satisfying tactical gameplay.
    • Harness powerful skills and teamwork to defeat enemies.
  • Your City, Your Story
    • Enjoy features such as High-speed and Skip mode.
    • These allow players to experience gameplay based on their preference.
    • Do battles quickly to focus on the surrounding story and events.

Pre-orders for PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions are now open, and you can do that here. Learn more about The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero here.

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