League of Legends Update 12.16 Launches The Reworked Udyr

Udyr Rework
Udyr Rework Riot Games

Udyr was a really outdated champion with abilities that can’t keep up with newer champions. So, developers reworked Udyr to bring a fresh new him into the current meta. This was a challenging rework for the developers because it was the first champion to be reworked with an Ultimate Skin. Of course, all his skins are reworked as well to be in line with current visual standards.

Let's get to it then. Below are all abilities Udyr cast that channel the spirits of the Freljord.

Bridge Between (Passive)

The previously known passive, Monkey's Agility, has been changed to Bridge Between. The new passive ability allows Udyr to change between four stances similar to the older one. But this time, he can Awaken abilities for bonus effects, and it has a shared cooldown between stances.

Every time Udyr Awakens, he gets attack speed for his next two attacks and refunds some of Awaken's cooldown.

Wilding Claw (Q)

His Tiger Stance ability has been changed to Wilding Claw. This ability grants Udyr a burst of attack speed and bonus physical damage for the next two attacks. For his Awakened form, he gains even more attack speed, and his next two attacks chain lightning off the target similar to Volibear, which bounces up to six times.

Iron Mantle (W)

His Turtle Stance is now Iron Mantle. This ability grants Udyr a shield and allows him to restore health on his next two attacks. The Awakened form grants him a bigger shield, which should work great with Fimbulwinter. Not only that, his next two attacks will heal more and he restores a percentage of his maximum health over the next few seconds. The Iron Mantle ability can be used to negate huge bursts from enemies and keep you alive longer. This shield ability comes from the Iron Boar called Ildhaurg.

Blazing Stampede (E)

His Bear Stance is now Blazing Stampede. This ability grants him a burst of movement speed and stuns the first target. The Awakened form makes him immune to crowd control for a short duration and gives him even more movement speed, which can help him catch up to enemies and stun them. This ability was inspired by Ornn, as he can also be immune to crowd control for a short period.

Wingborne Storm (R)

His Phoenix Stance Ultimate is replaced by Wingborne Storm. This ability summons a storm around him that slows and damages nearby units. This ability was inspired by Anivia. The next two attacks cause the storm to pulse, which deals bonus magic damage. The Awakened form lets him unleash the storm, causing it to deal more damage and chase enemies.

You can read more about the update here.

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