'League Of Legends' Skins: Dragonslayer Xin Zhao And Dragon Sorceress Zyra On PBE

dragon slayer zyra
Dragon Slayer Zyra in all her glory Riot Games

It’s League of Legends patch day, which means there are new skins on the PBE. Dragonslayer Xin Zhao and Dragon Sorceress Zyra are on their way, burning down villages and slaying beasts wherever they go. A teaser image released yesterday on all of Riot’s social media accounts gave us a glimpse at Zyra’s scaly form, but now we know what the plant queen can do when she has a bit more firepower on her side.  

A preview video appeared on Riot’s social media accounts earlier today; I never knew how awesome Zyra could look with wings.

According to KateyKhaos, senior QA on League of Legends skins, Dragon Sorceress Zyra will not be a legendary skin and will cost 1350 RP.



This will also be the first time a skin is released alongside its Chroma, allowing you to have multiple colors on the same awesome dragonslayer.

Dragonslayer Xin Zhao is the fifth Dragonslayer skin, following in the enormous footsteps of Vayne, Braum, Pantheon and Jarvan IV. I’m a huge fan of the Dragonslayer line and I’m really glad Riot is continuing to honor these drake demolishers.

Dragonslayer Pantheon is one of my favorite League of Legends skins; there’s nothing more devastating to an opponent than seeing those giant dragon wings slap them in the face.

How do you like these scaly skins? Tell us in the comments.

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