League of Legends: New Update "Broke" Ivern But in a Good Way

Ivern, the Green Father Riot Games

Riot Games released a new update for League of Legends recently and it is pretty interesting, to say the least. Apart from Rell's midscope, Patch 13.11 also buffed League's resident Green Father, Ivern.

Ivern's Gigabuffs

All of Ivern's abilities, except for his passive, have been buffed in Patch 13.11. Rootcaller now enables Ivern to jump directly to the rooted target simply by recasting the ability. Next, he and his allies can initiate an attack command to the rooted target, teleporting them just near enough to hit the enemy with an auto-attack. And, as if that's not enough, Rootcaller's cooldown has been reduced by 50% when used on non-epic monsters.

Ivern can now grow a thick patch of brush with Brushmaker. This ability has a passive effect where entering/exiting the brush empowers his basic attacks, dealing bonus magic damage on hit. Well, this effect now applies to allied champions as well when exiting the brush for three seconds.

How about Triggerseed? For those who don't know, this ability enables Ivern to place a seed on himself, a target allied champion, or Daisy, granting a shield that absorbs damage for two seconds. After the time has elapsed, the seed explodes and deals magic damage to nearby enemies, slowing them down for a couple of seconds.

Now, if Triggerseed does not damage an enemy champion when it explodes and the shield has not been broken, then the duration of the shield is renewed. Take note that the explosion will no longer occur the second time, but at least, the shield is there for protection.

Ivern's sentinel friend (and ultimate), Daisy, got buffed across the board. Here are the adjustments:

  • Daisy Attack Range: 125 > 175
  • Daisy HP Regeneration: 0 > 2.5 health per second
  • Daisy Movement Speed: 420 > 440
  • Daisy Attack Speed: 0.7 > 0.75
  • Daisy's Bonus Attack Speed: 30/50/70 > 30/45/60
  • Daisy, Slam! Damage: 100% of Daisy's AD (+20% AP) > 40/60/80 (+100% of Daisy's AD) (+20% AP)

Why Buff Ivern?

Players have been wondering why Riot buffed Ivern in Patch 13.11. The developers provided one reason behind the changes: Buff Sharing.

In this patch, the company implemented a new mechanic where junglers who kill the Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel will leave behind a Buff Wisp that their allies can pick up. This allows both the jungler and their allies to gain the same buffs that these monsters provide. This was introduced as a way to reduce the "feels bad" moments when junglers have to give up their buffs to laners.

This is important to note because the introduction of Buff Wisps prompted Riot to remove Ivern's Friend of the Forest unique mechanic, where he plants a grove upon the camp, enabling him to clear the camp when the grove matures.

But what do you think about the changes made to Ivern? Do you think he's overpowered now?

League of Legends Patch 13.11 is available on PC.

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