Last Epoch: Update 0.8.3e Adds Skill Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Last Epoch is still in beta but developer Eleventh Hour Games continues to provide new content and balancing changes before the eventual release. That said, Update 0.8.3e adds a group of skill improvements and bug fixes.

Paladins have been buffed greatly thanks to the improved damage scaling of certain skills. For instance, Javelin’s Holy Trail now deals 25% more damage. Consecrated Ground’s damage has been buffed by 66% and it now scales with spell damage.

Aside from that, if you decide to get the Lone Watcher node on the Dread Shade tree, it will increase the duration of Dread Shade by 100%.

Some enemies have also been adjusted. Crystal Elementals deal 7% less damage and they now have a 20% delay before releasing projectiles when they spin. Emerald Nagasa and Scalebane Rogues deal less damage by 10% and 12%, respectively.

Because Last Epoch is still in beta, you can expect that some areas in the game are not yet polished. The good thing is that the devs are doing their best to fix them. For instance, a lot of player and enemy abilities that have missing sound effects have been corrected by this update.

Patch Highlights

  • Holy Trail deals 25% more damage
  • Pilgrimage grants 25% more fire and lightning damage (from 15%)
  • 66% more damage
  • Now scales with increases to spell damage
  • Added spell damage now applies at 150% effectiveness per second
  • Drain Life
    • The Dark Shackles node in the Drain Life tree adds 60 mana cost (from 65)
  • Judgement
    • Reduced delay until you can use another ability by 20%
    • Range now scales with weapon range
  • Wandering Spirits
    • Now reveals 4 spirits immediately on cast (from 1)
    • Deals 29% more damage
  • Echoes that contain a Spine Hunter Alpha that is not the boss contain 50% fewer of them
  • Enemy types that are rarer in Echoes are now even rarer in Arena Echoes.
  • Immortal Chimeras no longer spawn in the arena
  • Scarab Riders deal 30% less damage with their ranged attacks
  • Spine Hunters’ on death effect deals 40% less damage
  • Spine Hunter Alphas deal 5% less damage
  • Added chat language filter options. You can now hide chat messages which contain characters from other scripts/languages
  • Fixed many player and enemy abilities having missing sound effects
  • Fixed a visual bug where Mana Strike’s VFX did not increase with increased area of effect
  • Fixed the Game Guide entry for Time Rot stating it stacks 3 times (it stacks 12 times)

You can read the complete patch notes here.

Last Epoch Update 0.8.3e is now available on PC and Mac.

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