Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Demo Releases Tomorrow

Excited to see this one?
Excited to see this one? Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is giving everyone a chance to try out what it has to offer. A demo of the game is set to be released tomorrow, October 16, which lets players try out six tracks. These are Welcome to Wonderland, Hand in Hand, The Rustling Forest, Wave of Darkness I, Sinister Shadows, and All for One.

The first four tracks can be played solo through a mode known as Field Battle. The Melody of Memory demo offers the chance to try out Team Classic (which is composed of Sora, Donald, and Goofy) who attack enemies to the beat of the music. If this sounds new, don’t worry since there’s a quick tutorial that helps players ease into the controls slowly. Hopefully, this should help those who are trying out the demo to know which buttons they need to press in order to attack, jump, and even soar across the game’s levels.

For the other two tracks, they can be played in local co-op with one player controlling Sora and the other controlling Riku.

Play together.
Play together. Square Enix

Players don’t just get to try the different modes. Square Enix PR Director Bob Colayco shared in a statement that this demo offers “different difficulty levels from beginner to standard to proud for the greatest challenge.” Players can even customize their play experience through play styles.

Those who want to have a more relaxing experience can go for the “One button” mode in order to map every action to just a single button. Colayco said that those with experience in these type of games can take on a more difficult challenge through the “performer mode” which “includes extra targets on each track mapped to even more buttons on the controller.”

Colayco went on to say that this demo version is merely “the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the content available in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.” The full game is going to offer:

  • Additional gameplay options like a versus mode
  • A massive music library of more than 140 tracks
  • Multiple Kingdom Hearts worlds to explore
  • Additional character teams
  • A memory theater
  • A wide range of collectibles and unlocks

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is set to be released on November 13 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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