The King of Fighters Arena Now Available on PC and Mobile

Prepare for battle.
Prepare for battle. Netmarble

The King of Fighters Arena is now available on mobile through Google Play and the App Store. There's also a version for PC though it can only be played via Netmarble Launcher. This real-time PvP game is a follow-up to The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. The game sees the return of the fast-paced fighting gameplay that players love, combined with simple controls for arcade-style combat.

The King of Fighters Arena features blockchain so players can buy their own NFT controller, allowing for faster growth and to experience the world of Tokenomics in this Cryptobattle. The controller can be purchased through MARBLEX NFT Launchpad or the in-game store for a limited time.

Game Changes

Since the game's launch, there have been some changes made by the KOF Arena dev team. One of these was resolving network instability which was observed immediately after launch. Specifically, players in some countries experienced unstable networks because they were connecting to far-away servers. As a solution, Challengers are now connected to the nearest server in their local region.

While some changes are already in place, others are still being worked on, including the Fighter Stamina system. This one was developed to reward players who use multiple fighters. In this system, a fight after accumulating special stamina from multiple fighters allows the Challenger to get an extra 20% of Fighter Mastery Points, which they can use for enhancement. It was discovered by the team that the stamina consumed during a 1:1 match is rather abnormally low, and a fix is now in the works. Once the patch is applied, the amount of stamina consumed will go up from 10 to 30 per fighter.

You can learn more about what's been happening since the launch here.

The official game launch comes at the heels of a pre-registration of more than 2 million players worldwide. Those who pre-registered get rewards featuring the Fighter Illust Collection and Fighter Background Collection that include the characters of Iori or Leona, which can be used to decorate the player's game lobby. There's also a limited version of the Special Title and Title Panel. Read here to learn how to claim the rewards.

Are you ready to fight in the arena?

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