The King of Fighters Arena: Pre-Registrations Now Open

Sign-up now.
Sign-up now. Netmarble

Pre-registration for the upcoming real-time action PVP game The King of Fighters Arena is now live. Those who pre-register have the chance to get a special bonus in the form of a Special Title and Title Panel.

The pre-registration is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can check out the pre-registration website here.

More Details to be Released

The website mentioned will actually offer a lot more than simply letting players pre-register. It’s also going to provide a deeper look into the gameplay of The King of Fighters Arena.

That’s not all since the website offers a closer look into the skills of the fighters in battle through the “Fighter Introductory Clips.” A total of 37 fighters are available in the game, with clips of each to be posted on the website in the weeks leading to the launch. As all fighters are free-to-play, the clips should help players choose which they want to become a champion.

Expect to see the update road map as well, which is going to reveal how the game expands.

Blockchain Integration

The game is set to feature blockchain integration, not a surprise considering a lot of new mobile games have this same feature. Anyway, the pre-registration website is where players can access the white paper for the game’s blockchain economy and learn more about the details on the Fighters' Club Token or FCT, the game’s economics, and NFT information.

Players can gain, for example, Fight Money or FM, obtainable by equipping the controller in fights. FM can then be swapped with FCT for further blockchain transactions. Various Fighters Cards are also going to be available through the game’s NFT market.

The King of Fighters Arena is the second offering from Netmarble that’s part of The King of Fighters series. The first one is King of Fighters ALLSTAR. The game is launching on Android, iOS, and PC, and comes with multi-language support, including English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and French, among others.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now!

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