The King of Fighters Arena to Offer Real-Time PvP Action

Prepare for battle.
Prepare for battle. Netmarble

Netmarble is adding a new title to its portfolio, and this one is a real-time action PVP game. Titled The King of Fighters Arena, it offers fast-paced fighting and arcade style combat with simple controls. This is the studio’s follow-on to King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you’ll likely be excited about this upcoming game. When it is officially launched, players can get access to every character from the entire series. Of course, there are the usual in-game updates to expand the roster further; look forward to special collaborations and events as well.

The King of Fighters Arena will have a feature where players can exchange in-game tokens to MBX. Yes, it’s one of those blockchain-integrated features. But if the results of Tokyo Game Show are to be a gauge, the game has received positive feedback for its 1:1 PvP battles.

Pre-registration for The King of Fighters Arena starts September 28 and those who can will get special rewards and access to exclusive events. The game is launching on Android, iOS, and PC, and comes with multi-language support, including English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and French, among others. Expect more information about this game in the coming days.

Learn more about The King of Fighters Arena here.

The King of Fighters is a series of fighting games developed by SNK with the first title released in 1994. The King of Fighters '94 featured characters from other fighting games made by SNK like Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. There were also original characters and even those from other franchises. The success of this first title led to the release of yearly installments for the series.

The latest title added was The King of Fighters XV, released in February 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The one developed by netmarble, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, is a beat 'em up RPG made for Android and iOS. It was first released in Japan in July 2018, then worldwide in October 2019. A version for PC became available in February 2022.

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