Keemstar Taking A Break From DramaAlert After All The Rants, FeelsBadMan (UPDATE)

Keemstar, of DramaAlert Twitter

So the Keemstar drama that’s been brewing for the last few weeks finally came to a boil tonight when DramaAlert, YouTube’s most popular internet drama source, released a brand new video – Keemstar is oddly absent. Instead, Tytrends hosts the show, reading a statement from Keemstar. In it, Keem says that “large YouTubers who were my friends… have betrayed me” and that he will take a break from the internet:

In Keemstar’s statement, he says that the claims put forward by Leafyishere in his newest video, “THE KEEMSTAR AND DRAMALERT RANT,” are baseless lies. Keem claims he never talked “shit” about Leafy or GradeAUnderA, another popular YouTuber. According to Keem, someone told Leafy that Keem was “talking shit” about him and GradeAUnderA.

The rest of the statement rambles on for quite a bit about Leafy’s career and how Leafy would have never been successful without Keem putting him on DramaAlert or getting into Faze Clan. Keemstar has always been viewed as a bully on the internet, making bold accusations with little proof. For example, in January, DramaAlert released a video saying an old man on Twitch was actually a pedophile recently released from prison. The old man on Twitch was innocent and just happened to look a lot like the pedophile. Keem apologized for this eventually, but the damage was done.

More recently, Keemstar went on a Twitter tirade and outed the personal profile picture of YouTuber Pyrocynical. This was the final straw to many in the YouTube community, outing a person’s identity on the internet who chooses to remain anonymous is a big deal. Pyrocynical released a video called “ My Experience with Keemstar," where he talks about what happened and how much he currently hates Keem.

Alright, so this is a whole bunch of childish drama. Keemstar has always been an asshole, the last line in his statement says: “ps Sorry I said the n word 8 years ago.” His internet career is full of insane racist trolling and just general douchebaggery. The DramaAlert channel was more often than not in the midst of some drama, probably to give them something to talk about.

I hope Keem takes a long break from the internet, because he should have done this years ago.

UPDATE: Everyone's favorite gnome just released another crazy Twitlonger:

"Due to the recent "KEEMSTAR EXPOSE VIDEOS" and thousands of request to remove KEEMSTAR as the Host of#DramaAlert , As a News org we have decided to release KEEMSTAR as the host till further notice while we investigate if any of these claims are true. 

Sincerely, Dan Keem"

Keemstar is suspending himself, that's some next level crazy. 

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