'Justice League' Comic Con Trailer Shows The Gang Together And Aquaman Kicking Ass [VIDEO]

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Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers just dropped a brand new trailer for Justice League and it is glorious. Usually, only people who go to San Diego Comic-Con get to see the brand new footage and awesome trailers this weekend, while the rest of us are stuck with grainy, shaky cellphone videos. Thankfully, Warner Bros.  has given us a great first look at Ben Affleck’s Batman collecting the members of DC’s “Not The Avengers.”

There’s Khal Drogo as Aquaman, with all of the generic “you talk to fish” jokes you can handle. I’ve always preferred the blonde, badass Arthur Curry to the mentally unstable King of Atlantis, but it seems the Justice League is going with the latter. Aquaman can be a really cool hero; a man born in two different worlds but belongs to neither of them. If they stay away from low hanging fruit, Aquaman may no longer be a joke.

We also get a brief looks at Wonder Woman, Cyborg and The Flash. This Barry Allen has nothing to do with the amazing CW show, The Flash. Instead we get an annoying teenager who says geeky things while struggling to get used to his powers. It looks like they took Spider-man from Captain America: Civil War , took off his web shooters and gave him super speed.

If you want to make a geeky teenager Flash, there’s a guy named Bart Allen, aka Impulse, who totally fits the bill. Don’t butcher the character only to copy Marvel even more. I want to believe in this movie, but Batman vs. Superman has ruined any good faith I have in DC’s ability to adapt their heroes for the big screen.   

We will find out if Justice League is a masterpiece or a complicated disaster in November 2017.

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