Jump Force Patch Notes: 1.07 Update Is Live, Vertex Event Added

Jump Force
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Jump Force patch 1.07 is now live and introduced the latest Vetex event.

The Vertex event starts April 18 at 2 a.m. EDT and ends April 22 at 1:59 a.m. EDT. Rewards for the event will be distributed after April 22 at 2 a.m. EDT.

All participants in the event will receive these rewards:

  • Skill Energy Red x10
  • Skill Energy Blue x10
  • Skil Energy Green x10

In addition, once the event ends, the clans in each rank will be grouped based on the number of clans that participated. Clans in the upper group will be promoted, while clans in the lower group will be demoted.

Rank Up Conditions

  • Bronze
    • Top 20%
    • Promoted to Silver
  • Silver
    • Top 10%
    • Promoted to Gold
  • Gold
    • Top 5%
    • Promoted to Platinum

Rank Down Conditions

  • Silver
    • Bottom 20%
    • Demoted to Bronze
  • Gold
    • Bottom 10%
    • Demoted to Silver
  • Platinum
    • Bottom 5%
    • Demoted to Gold

Players can join or create a clan through a Clan Counter, which has been added with the patch. Once players join a clan, they can participate in different clan-exclusive content like clan boost and clan chat.

Active Points earned while being a member of a clan give that same number of Clan Points. The higher the points, the higher the level. Higher clan levels mean players can now wield addtional Gold. Gold can be used to but clan boosts and the higher the clan level, the more effecitve the boosts. Clan Rank will change depending on the results of the Vertex Event.

Other changes introduced in the patch are:

  • Adjusted search range of “Similar Rank” battle rules
  • Adjusted content of disconnection penalty during an online match (Added matching time penalty).
  • Added purchasable costumes at Shop Counter.
  • Adjusted battle part.
  • Improved game stability.
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