‘Iron Fist’ Cast: Marvel Confirms ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Finn Jones Is Danny Rand

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Iron Fist
Finn Jones is the new Iron Fist. Marvel

Marvel has cast their Iron Fist. Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones will play Danny Rand in Marvel’s latest Netflix series.

Iron Fist begins with Rand’s return to New York City years after his disappearance with new powers and fighting abilities. The billionaire monk tries to figure out his superhero identity while protecting the streets of New York from the bad guys.

“Finn wonderfully blends confidence with vulnerability, making him the perfect choice as he struggles to find his place in the world,” Executive Producer/Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb said in a statement. “Now that we’ve found our Danny Rand, we’ve completed our principal cast for the upcoming Defenders on Netflix and we are thrilled to continue to show audiences unexplored corners of the Marvel Universe.”

Jone’s casting doesn’t come without controversy. Rumors of Jones’ Iron Fist casting surfaced back in February, and wasn’t well-received by some fans. Dark Wolverine and X-23 comic book writer Marjorie Liu told her Twitter followers she believes Iron Fist is a filled with racist tropes.




However, Jones’ casting as Iron Fist technically isn’t “whitewashing.” The original Marvel character was always a white man. Still, it could be considered a missed opportunity to diversify Marvel’s superhero lineup. Let’s hope Jones does a great job embodying the character.

Marvel’s Iron Fist does not have a set release date.

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