Inferna: Latest Update Adds Fourth Enchantment to Endgame Equipment and More

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Inferna is an open-world MMORPG that features a unique combat system where you can customize your character’s skills to best suit your playstyle. The game has received a new update recently, and it added a fourth enchantment to level 57 weapons and level 56 armors.

Some important changes have been implemented as well. For instance, monsters or rifts that drop so many items on the ground now have their loots evenly spaced out. Besides that, the guild deposit and withdrawal window now have an input field and a slider. This means that getting a specific number of items is much more convenient than ever.

For bug fixes, the problem where stat resetting does not work on the character UI is resolved. Text overlapping issues, particularly in the Smithing UI and some confirmation popups, have also been addressed.

Patch Notes

  • Monsters now vary slightly in their size, strength, speed, and gold and exp rewards
  • There have been reports of the Frozen Land getting more unstable and rarely corrupting monsters to even more hellish beasts
  • Removed young monster variations from Nibor and Jurdana
  • Adjusted names of some animal monsters on Nibor and Jurdana
  • Increased player shop table LOD range
  • Using monster taunts will remove the spawn protection status effect right away
  • Tweaks to monster behavior after killing their focused player
  • Player shop UI now closes when walking away from a shop
  • Slightly adjusted monster exp to be more in line with the respective monster level across the board
  • Ranged monster attacks can now be defended against with bow defense
  • Slightly increased world drop chance in Zagan's dungeon (it is still lower than normal)
  • Reduced the knockback of the warrior's Charge skill
  • Zagan's chest now stacks up to 20
  • Tweaked rift levels to be a multiple of 5
  • Reduced skill book drop chance
  • Reduced hell essence drop chance
  • Jewelry from levels 1-22, 28-42, and 48-58 respectively have the same enchant and re-enchant costs
  • Re-enchant item cost is now influenced by how many enchantments the item has
  • Fixed an edge case where item interactions (using, selling, upgrading, enchanting, etc.) would only be communicated via their position and if swapped before confirming would interact with the swapped item
  • Fixed a bad rift spawn position on Frozen Land
  • Fixed not being able to zoom in/out with a keyboard hotkey while the mouse is over any UI
  • Fixed a rounding error in party exp distribution causing some exp to get lost (only really relevant at a very low level)
  • Fixed weather not syncing
  • Fixed an issue that caused player attack hit detection to be slightly delayed

Inferna February 2 Update is now available on PC.

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