ICARUS: Exciting Mount Improvements Added in Week 67 Update

Week 67 Update
Week 67 Update Steam

ICARUS players who like playing the game solo will be happy with the game’s latest patch. That’s because the Week 67 update has several improvements that make mounts more useful.

One of the biggest improvements is that saddles in ICARUS now come with “G” slots that allow players to put radars, extractors, and other heavier items to be carried by their mounts. A basic saddle only has one slot but a cart has five slots, which is great if multiple items have to be hauled over long distances.

Furthermore, it now only takes players 15 minutes to tame creatures, down from 20 minutes. This is a huge quality-of-life change because the extra five minutes can be spent on more meaningful things, such as getting more resources or going to map objectives and whatnot.

Week 67 Update
Week 67 Update Steam

The developers are also testing performance optimizations on the game’s experimental branch. If all goes well, they will implement them in the next update for ICARUS.

Those who are interested to know about their strategies on how to improve game performance can read their previous post about it.


  • Mounts no Longer Take Damage From being at Level 3 Thirst, or Level 3 Hunger, meaning they will not die if left alone
  • Increased All Mounts Damage Resistance to give them greater survivability +10%
  • Increased the Damage resistance provided by the Saddles that can be equipped to the mounts (+10%, 15%)
  • Added an Aura to the Animal Bed which provides creatures with a “Well Rested” Buff
  • Lowered Base time to Tame Creatures 1,200 > 900
  • Mounts no longer wander around in their “Stay” behavior state, and will return to the location where they were last told to stay after eating/drinking
  • Adding Heavy Cargo stats to Saddles
  • Fixed a few typos picked up by translators
  • Fixing communicator T2 having incorrect crafted sound (used masonry when it should use crafting bench)
  • ALCAZAR, HIGHRISE: Changed Biofuel Stove quest step to mention Kitchen Stove
  • ALCAZAR, HIGHRISE, LIFE LINE: Changed Kitchen Stove quest step to correctly mention Biofuel Stove
  • IRONCLAD: Updated name of Metal Plating to Layered Plating to match quest description
  • Adding Prometheus Open World Drop Zone, so open world can be played
  • Adding Galileo Feature Level
  • Setup new Weather VFX on Weatherman Editor Tool
  • Added materials and textures for all 4 variants of Fish08, models will follow soon. Updated character/creature shader to allow for subsurface masking and dithering options
  • Added sand layer to grasslands cliff and canyonwall materials for better terrain blending
  • Added copy of creature/character shader with iridescence functionality to Pedro's developer folder to clean up/optimize

ICARUS Week 67 update is available on PC

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