ICARUS: Week 50 Update Expands Open World Mode with New Dynamic Missions

Week 50 Update
Week 50 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Rocketwerkz has expanded the open-world aspect of ICARUS by adding dynamic missions in the Week 50 Update.

Dynamic Missions

The Open World Mode was added in a previous update that allowed ICARUS players to continue playing on Styx and Olympus maps even if their main mission had already concluded. The company wants to expand on this by adding new dynamic missions to the game.

Players who want to take on more missions can craft a Short Range Radio first. This requires 10 pieces of wood, eight ropes, and 15 iron and it can be created using the Crafting Bench. Once deployed, interacting with the Short Range Radio will present two contracts, but players can only choose one.

Of course, there’s never a dull moment because the Short Range Radio can give players a variety of mission types, including:

  • Hunt: Kill a quota of wild animals that spawn in the current biome
  • Grow: Grow a quota of vegetables and deliver
  • Mine: Collect a quota of a requested ore and deliver
  • Collect: Search for downed prospectors and collect and deliver their IDs
  • Scan: Scan a location with the scanner provided, defend the scanner
  • Cache: Collect a cache from a previous prospector
  • Boss: Kill a wandering boss animal
  • Tools: Craft and deliver 3 tools of varying tech levels

So, what’s the reward for completing these dynamic missions? A Reward Pod will descend on the player’s location after successful completion. Aside from XP, players can choose one of the three rewards available.

While it’s fun to finish as many dynamic missions as possible, players must still complete their normal missions, especially if they want to get their hands on some exotics and some unique boss items.


  • Tweaked Mission EQS to better work with quest distances
  • Added Anchored Behaviour to Wolves by default that can be enabled via spawner
  • Reworked Dynamic Quest Rewards so there is a lot more variety
  • Add charge sound to transport pod ascent sequence
  • Increased minimum cache rewards
  • Add an Auto Detect button to Graphics Settings
  • Performs GPU and RAM detection and applies settings based on what is found
  • Added a new option in the ESC menu to "Report an Issue" that can be used to directly report a bug report to our bug tracker along with useful game state information. Added UE4 Sentry plugin to give better integration/control over what is reported back
  • "Max" Crafting UI button now works as expected for items that require Fillable inputs (water, fuel, etc)
  • Fixed a bug where on respawning, the off hand item on the quickbar would still be focused while no item is there
  • Grenades don't damage structures or deployables
  • Grenades (and sandworm spit) will now damage buildings and deployables
  • Melee weapons can again damage buildings and deployables (fix for throwables change)

ICARUS Week 50 Update is available on PC.

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