ICARUS: Week 29 Update Adds Horde Mode and NVIDIA Reflex

Week 29 Update
Week 29 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

A bunch of new additions will definitely make you excited for ICARUS. That’s because the developers added a new event that can be repeated infinitely. However, it only rewards you with Exotics on the first three completions. The Week 29 Update also adds support for NVIDIA Reflex.

Horde Mode in ICARUS is now available. This is what the dev team calls the game’s first variable emergent event, where you will face hordes of enemies with ever-increasing difficulty.

That said, there are two things that you need to know here. The first is the Enzyme Geysers, which are natural structures found all throughout ICARUS. The second is the Vapor Condenser - an item that can be crafted in the Fabricator used to initiate Horde Mode.

Enzyme Geysers
Enzyme Geysers Steam

When the Vapor Condenser is active, three waves of aggressive creatures will spawn one after another with the intent to destroy the said device. It is up to you and your fellow prospectors to quell the enemy. After conquering the waves, Exotics will be deposited into the Vapor Condenser as a reward. While you can initiate Horde Mode multiple times, you’ll only be rewarded up to three Exotics for now. Once you’ve claimed all three, you will then be rewarded with some Condensed Enzymes, a new resource used as an ingredient for crafting statues.

In addition, the Week 29 Update brings NVIDIA Reflex to ICARUS. Simply put, this technology lowers system latency, providing you with the best in-game responsiveness possible. To get a hold of this feature, you need a compatible graphics card and gaming monitor that supports NVIDIA G-SYNC. It should go without saying that you need to download the latest graphics drivers as well.

Here are the other additions in Week 29 Update:

  • Adding Radar Pulse for Central Scanner used in the outpost unlock mission. Adding blueprint implementation and audio
  • Add new Highlightable entry for Caveworm Nest used in Gossamer mission, with name/description and assigned in actor blueprint
  • Increased the weight of crystals gathered in the NIGHTFALL mission, as multiple stacks can be carried of these to increase the possible travel time if required
  • Fix expensive lossless compression settings on some textures that don't need it
  • Merging 4.27.2 Engine upgrade to Trunk
  • Added new bespoke AIGrowth and movement speed values for mount. Fixed player being deducted sprint stamina cost if they try to sprint while crouching. Mount can now sprint and swim

ICARUS Week 29 Update is available on PC.

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