ICARUS: New Scorpion World Boss Terrorizes Prospectors in Week 27 Update

Week 27 Update
Week 27 Update Steam

A new terrifying world boss is now available in ICARUS. The Week 27 Update introduces the Giant Scorpion, along with a new armor set.

World bosses in ICARUS were introduced in a previous update, which started with the Large Sandworm. The Week 27 Update adds the Giant Scorpion into the mix. What’s different about this new world boss is that it is present in all biomes, whereas the Large Sandworm can only be found in the desert biome.

That said, prospectors who killed the large arachnid can gain carapace materials that are needed to craft the new Scorpion Armor set. What’s great about this new set is it provides projectile and physical damage resistance. Its sharp exterior damages enemies who engage in melee combat as well. While the benefits of this new armor set are good, its appearance will make prospectors more attractive to nearby predators, so do keep this in mind.

The Week 27 Update also adds plenty of new changes and bug fixes, some of which can be found below:

  • Adding new Item Prototype Creature Tracker
  • Adding new Aura for Providing a modifier that reveals the boss creatures on the map
  • Adding Stats for % Chance to Return Melee Physical Damage
  • Adding Stat for % of Melee Physical Damaged Returned
  • Adding new Stats to Scorpion Armor
  • Adding new Damage type Returned
  • Updates to water immersion parameter. Slowed created LCL version and adjusted seek speed to be slightly slower. Added to other layers of croc since it's in the water a lot
  • Removed the leaf layer on the wood stack asset
  • Edited desert cliff sticking out of impassable, Red Quad, Styx
  • Reduced crafted knives' durability and tweaked talents to help mitigate this
  • Adding navigation blocker to the delivery container so that the Mammoth Boss will no longer get stuck on RENDEZVOUS: Delivery
  • Player gravestones now have a static overflow bag placed in the exact position they died. This gives anyone else a secondary interact/revive location in the case of a ragdolled body clipping through the world or becoming unreachable
  • Fixed regression with the latest update to client/server projectile attachment replication breaking the ability to auto-pickup attached arrows when picking up a carcass. Also fixes arrows not being automatically added to loot inventory when skinning the carcass
  • Spoiled Plants and Spoiled Meat can now be placed in the Icebox and Fridge, this means if food spoils while in the fridge or icebox the spoiled meat/plants item created is not lost
  • SandWorm no longer drops scales for instances of fire and poison damage, damage must have originated from a physical attack (projectile or melee)

ICARUS Week 27 Update is available on PC.

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