Icarus Week 28 Update Outposts #1: First Step of Outpost Makeover

Icarus Update Outposts #1
Icarus Update Outposts #1 Steam

Icarus recently received an update that brought changes to outposts and bug fixes.

Olympus Outpost

The Olympus Outpost is now fully explorable. That’s right, the entire 64-square-kilometer Olympus map can be accessed by every player with this update. This option wasn’t available till now because the map used up a lot of data and it would have also impacted the performance badly. Fortunately, the constant performance updates allowed the developers to fully open the outpost without trading much performance.

Outpost Difficulties

This update also added new difficulty settings to outposts for players to customize weather conditions and animal spawns. Higher difficulty modes may be challenging because enemies are stronger, and fighting them in terrible weather can be deadly. The hardest difficulty setting is called “Extreme,” which disables visual maps and locators.

Icarus Update Outposts #1

  • Adding Olympus-wide Outpost to the Outpost Screen
  • Can now modify key bindings from the title screen
  • Thrown spears/knives/etc. are highlighted in world talents now correctly prevent the highlight being cleared when looking at the item and then looking away
  • Fixed various texture settings for consistency and compatibility with tooling
  • Optimized or deleted unused expensive (4k) texture assets.
  • Fix Stone Arrow having “None” defined for Additional Stats which caused Komodo Bite modifier to appear erroneously in item tooltip. Add DT Validation to pick up on this in future
  • Fixed some blueprints using the wrong GetDifficulty method which was preventing correct difficulty scaling
  • Added a fix in to teleport players that fall through the map back to their last grounded location. Improved teleport fall-back case to pick nearest dropship/respawn pod spawn location instead of the assigned player dropship
  • Adding final sound for the egg nests. Adding removal of items from egg nest “gooey slosh sound”
  • Adding in the sound of “removing mission item from downed supply crate” for delivery mission Styx
  • Implemented new icon for the Trained Hunter talent.
  • Added Wooden piranha statue to the project.
  • Added stone piranha statue to the project.
  • Added DCO_Candle_Holders_Wood_Carved
  • Added AMM_Pistol
  • Fixed Icebox inventory tag to allow all food, rather than only spoiled food.
  • Added difficulty setups for Outposts
  • Fix spelling of Scorpion in Stats description
  • Assigned SpawnRate types for Crocodile, Komodo

You can read more about the update here.

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