ICARUS: Week 11 Content Update Adds Dedicated Light and Backpack Slots

ICARUS Week 11 Content Update
ICARUS Week 11 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

ICARUS keeps on getting better and this week is no different. The Week 11 content update adds a lot of new improvements, including dedicated slots for light sources and backpacks, as well as the option to sort items by weight.

Any light source that you have - may it be a torch or a lantern, is now placed on its own dedicated slot. This slot acts the same way as armor slots do, meaning that you can drag and drop them into place or toggle them directly from your inventory.

Furthermore, a dedicated slot has been added that allows you to equip a backpack and enjoy its benefits. You can place the Leather Backpack, for example, which not only increases your inventory space and carrying capacity but reduces the weight of ores placed inside it as well.

Also in this update, you’ll now find a button at the top right of your inventory that sorts all of your items by weight. The developers are going to include more sorting options in the future.


  • Added new Titanium Hammer to Tier 4
  • Added a new light slot. You can store your lantern there and still use your equipped item (pickaxe, etc.)
  • Added a new backpack slot. Using a backpack no longer bars you from carrying something else on your back, like an animal carcass
  • Added terrain deformation which, besides being awesome, makes it easier to find quest items dropped in the snow. This feature is experimental, is off by default, but can be turned on via options
  • Added the ability to sort your inventory by weight
  • Added new terrain feature pieces for use in future missions
  • Added animations to the small and medium interior crates
  • Added repair hammer audio
  • Added an “add Oxite” sound for Oxite Dissolver
  • Metal Pickaxes have a new strike sound, a "ringing" effect
  • Added Caves to Canyon Biome to standardize voxel distribution
  • Improved render performance of creatures and characters at a distance
  • Improved some particle emitters where they were not correctly being deactivated at range
  • Improved the performance of the fire system: less emitted embers, texture resolution adjustments, updated material
  • Improved memory usage across the board
  • Improved performance of Rock material on High and Epic settings
  • Improved performance when opening the map
  • Optimized level of detail of rocks and added better collisions to some cliffs
  • Optimized torch causing frame drops
  • Fixed some cave entrances having an invisible blocker
  • Fixed Flare Arrows being permanently ignited if shot into a creature or character
  • Fixed several issues relating to characters animating oddly when interacting with arrows or dead and "ragdolled"
  • Fixed case where crafting queue would incorrectly calculate required resources
  • Fixed issue where trying to fire while sprinting could leave arrow reloading in a bad state
  • Fixed backpack-mounted extractor being oriented incorrectly

ICARUS Week 11 content update is available on PC.

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