ICARUS: Week 8 Content Update Brings Visual and Performance Improvements

Week Eight Content Update
Week Eight Content Update Steam

A new update for ICARUS is now available, and it brings visual and performance improvements. This patch also adds some neat features, including several recipes to the Carpentry Bench and new alternate recipes for the Composite Paste.

Before anything, the developers have laid out some things that they’re currently working on. One of these is the issue about the talent points. As it stands, you stop earning new talent points after Level 40. This presents a problem where you cannot change your build at any time without creating a new character.

The devs said that they’re currently working on giving you the ability to re-spec your talent points, alleviating the need to start over. More information will be revealed in the future.

Update Highlights

Anyway, you can expect a lot of improvements in the latest update. For instance, the number of mineral deposits inside caves has been increased, thus improving the overall availability of resources.

Aside from that, the cost of early Tier 4 bench recipes, such as the Material Processor and Fabricator, have been reduced.

Here are the other significant changes in this patch:

  • Added crops to outposts
  • Added mushrooms to arctic caves
  • Added first-pass of new cave locations
  • Created new recipe sets for Tier 4 crafting benches including Electric Carpentry Bench, Electric Masonry Bench, Chemistry Bench, which combined multiple lower-tier recipes into the new machines
  • Fixed crafting bench recipes not properly accounting for stats which reduce resource costs
  • Added several recipes to the Carpentry Bench that fit with the theme of home construction, from the crafting table and player crafting
  • Added new alternate recipes for Composite Paste, which can substitute the Gold requirement with Platinum
  • Reduced player crafting speed to be more in line with benches
  • Decreased crafting speed of Stone and Concrete building pieces
  • Decreased crafting speed of most Mortar and Pestle recipes
  • Decreased crafting speed of Herbalism recipes
  • Added text to indicate when loading is complete, and the intro video is now skippable
  • Fixed issue where Bosses could sometimes not spawn in "Broken Arrow: Recovery"
  • Removed some instances of trees placed inside mountains
  • Fixed issue where rivers could flicker in certain lighting conditions
  • Fixed issue with some problematic dropship locations
  • Fixed several caves that were missing resource deposits and other cave functionality
  • Fixed visual issue caused by ambient occlusion on foliage at certain distances
  • Improved both visuals and performance on some rock assets
  • Improved performance of triplanar shader
  • Fixed issue causing players to be incorrectly flagged as inside a cave at a specific location
  • Improved performance of desert rocks
  • Fixed issue preventing fish from spawning correctly in many water bodies
  • Improved visuals of distant terrain on outposts
  • Added more sand to the desert
  • Improved shadow performance in caves
  • Improved collisions for some cave rocks, to reduce instances where players could not reach the entirety of some mineral deposits
  • Improved performance of in-game map screen

ICARUS Week Eight content update is now available on PC.

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