ICARUS: Week 10 Content Update Introduces the Deep Mining System

ICARUS Week Ten Content Update
ICARUS Week Ten Content Update Steam

The latest patch for ICARUS is a pretty good one. That’s because the Week 10 content update introduces the deep mining system, which allows you to mine for valuable resources while you do other things. The developers have improved several talents, including Homing Instinct and Swift Flight.

Deep Mining System

Deep Ore Mining Drills
Deep Ore Mining Drills Steam

Deep mining drills have been added to the game. You can set them up in larger caves to mine minerals, such as Gold, Copper, Iron, etc. There are two mining drills to choose from. The first is a Tier 3 drill which operates slowly and requires Biofuel to work. The Tier 4 drill works faster and uses electricity to function.

Deep Ore nodes have been implemented as well. These are found in some caves, and the ore types they give you are randomized but only available through deep mining.

The devs also said that you can use the Biofuel and Electric deep mining drills to generate building supplies for Outpost builds in the future.


  • Added Deep Ore Mining system. This works as a long-term solution for maximizing world resources by providing access to huge quantities of resources (Iron, Silica, Gold, etc.) albeit at a slow pace
  • Added Biofuel Deep Mining Drill. This is a tier 3 Deep Mining Drill that operates slowly and is powered by Biofuel
  • Added Electric Deep Mining Drill. This is a tier 4 Deep Mining Drill that operates at a faster rate than the Biofuel Drill and is powered by Electricity
  • Added Deep Ore nodes to some caves. Ore types are randomized but in a weighted fashion to increase the likelihood most resources are available via deep mining
  • Added ability to stack empty beer and wine bottles
  • Fixed issue where the wound status would not apply correctly to Creatures
  • Fixed issue where damage number would disappear before killcam finished
  • Fixed “Pinning Shot” applying to all attacks not just bow ones
  • Fixed issue where “Longer-Lasting-Effects” talent did not apply to all food buffs
  • Fixed “Homing Instinct” talent not applying to bolts as intended
  • Fixed “Swift Flight” talent not applying to Crossbows as intended
  • Fixed Steel Knife not getting recipe cost reductions from the “Discount Blades” talent as intended
  • Updated text on some talents to clarify that they affect both Crossbows and Bows
  • Fixed issue with options screen tooltips where they could be displayed off-screen
  • Changed repair materials for Spear to use Sticks instead of Wood
  • Optimized performance of several auxiliary light sources in the game

ICARUS Week Ten content update is available on PC.

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