Icarus Week 33 Update Adds New Content and Bug Fixes

Icarus Update v1.2.8.98950 Adds New Content and Bug Fixes
Icarus Update v1.2.8.98950 Adds New Content and Bug Fixes Steam

Icarus recently received a new update that added a new mission called Flatline: Research, item alteration system, and bug fixes.

New Mission

This week’s mission is called Flatline: Research, and it involves saving a failing Biological Containment Pod. Your goal is to collect parts to repair and stabilize the Pod before the five hours time limit. To repair the pod, collect enzymes by killing the dangerous creatures roaming around.

Item Alteration

In this update, the developers added Item Alteration, which allows players to craft item attachments for better stats and effects. You can modify a pickaxe to increase the gold obtained while mining or add a Bleed effect on axes to make them stronger in fights. The developers will add more alterations in the coming updates, so keep an eye out for them.

Icarus Update v1.2.8.98950

Additions, Fixes, and Changes
  • Adding Prospect Images for FLATLINE: Research, Setting corrected Locked State on the Talent Tree, Updating Mission Rewards to bring them more in line with the effort required for the mission
  • Updating Various Talents so they work with the new alterations system, Spear Maximum Health Alterations Now Stack, Pickaxes now have increased durability on talent upgrades, and fixed knife felling damage awarding a virtual stat and not a base stat
  • The number of Digested Enzymes that Drop when an Animal is skinned is Scaled by the number of Players Connected. A Maximum amount of time that can be added until the biological containment fails, this is based on selected difficulty. The amount of time provided by the Digested Enzymes is now displayed on the UI and a Maximum Limit is also displayed in the UI.
  • Increasing Catalytic Gas Size, Increasing Time gained from Digested Enzymes in all difficulties
  • Modified when the Catalytic Gas appears and added the Poison Modifier if players enter the gas during the FLATLINE mission
  • Reducing the number of Digested Enzymes that are gained from skinning
  • Adjusted the Catalytic Gas particle emitter so its clearer to the player that there is something dangerous
  • Made Small adjustments to FLATLINE mission objective text to reflect changes
  • Custom items no longer display a "Star" but instead have a nice golden glow behind the item
  • Updating Bloodclaws Spawn Location During FLATLINE: Research so the creature spawns on the Navmesh without issues
  • Updating Quest Steps and reshuffled for FLATLINE: Research so the objectives are clearer

You can read more about the update here.

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