ICARUS: New Timed Mission Added in Week 32 Update

Week 32 Update
Week 32 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Ever since ICARUS changed its approach to using the in-game timer instead of real-world time, things have gotten a little bit peaceful in the sense that most players do not feel the pressure anymore when doing prospects. For this reason, the developers added a new mission in the latest patch that brings some of that hardship back.

The Week 32 Update adds the Abyss: Research mission that takes place at the Ring Lake biome in the Styx terrazone. This is unlocked after completing the Zephyr: Expedition mission introduced in a previous update.

What makes this particular mission challenging is that players will only have three hours to finish it. If they run out of time, they risk having their characters and gears abandoned on the planet's surface. Players who want to play it safe can purchase insurance, but they’re only given paltry rewards upon completion.

In addition, the latest patch for ICARUS adds Deep Mining Ore deposits to all outpost maps. So those who want to get large quantities of ore can now set their Deep Mining systems on outposts.

Patch Notes

  • Added Glass Floor Pieces.
  • Adding Deep Ore Deposit spawn points to outposts 1 to 5
  • Added a keybinding to show/hide the Quest UI (Numpad 7 by default)
  • Adding new mission Items Partially Digested Enzyme, Biological Containment Power Source, Enzyme Containment Unit
  • Adding new Session Flags for Enzyme Containment Unit
  • Add unique screenshake and muzzleflash effects for each projectile weapon (Pistol, LeverAction, BoltAction, Shotgun). Weapons now project light when muzzle flash plays.
  • Fixed the damage type of many tick damage sources to no longer cause damage to armor. Notably storms.
  • Fixed issue with deployables losing shelter if they were placed on a Frame and then a Floor was placed on top of the same Frame, overlapping the deployable
  • Fixed the crash which would happen by closing the game during an active weather event
  • Map Icon for scanned Exotic deposits will now persist between sessions
  • Resaving Inventory and Quests Datatables as there were unsaved changes when committed files related to the new Missions
  • Fixing KillCam Damage numbers so they display the actual value dealt and not the artificially inflated values
  • If a prediction triggers a KillCam, the damage will guarantee a kill on hitting the target
  • Fixing the issue where Concrete Items Crafted in the Cement Mixer would receive the Reinforced Glass Stats unintentionally
  • Reducing Water Consumption on Glass Bench from 1,000 to 250
  • Upping Water Consumption on Cement Mixer from 100 to 250

The full changelog can be found here.

ICARUS is available on PC.

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