ICARUS: Week 30 Update Features Improved Horde Mode

Week 30 Update
Week 30 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Have you tried the new Horde Mode in ICARUS? If so, you might be happy to know that the developers have improved the feature in the Week 30 Update by adding some new things.

Apparently, the ICARUS community really loved the first implementation of Horde Mode, which motivated the developers to improve it. One of the things they added is a range of new creature options, allowing you to face the Alpha Wolves and Cats and some cute Bear Cubs when using the Vapor Condenser on Enzyme Geysers.

Furthermore, the rewards will now scale based on prospect difficulty, meaning the harder the prospect, the better the rewards. You can gain up to two times the EXP and up to four times the reward on higher difficulties.

Aside from the improved Horde Mode, the dev team is also working on shifting ICARUS toward more decentralized storage of saved data. The idea here is to remove the reliance on storing saved data on the game’s servers and have them stored on your local machine instead. This change will allow you to play ICARUS without an internet connection. It is worth noting that offline and online accounts will be merged and stored locally on your machine as well.

There are other key things to take note of here. One, the multiplayer game loop will remain the same because the only thing that'll change is where the data is saved. Two, only one person can host a prospect, which means that only the host can resume the prospect and no one else. And lastly, once the developers are done with the decentralization, you can host the game on dedicated servers that other players can connect to as clients.


  • Sanity and consistency pass on creature character BPs, box sizes, capsule accuracy, component positioning, etc.
  • Fixed Geysers in Styx G2, J11, I3, and O8 with wrong Horde spawner row assigned, spawning incorrect creatures
  • Fixed description of Enzyme Geyser.
  • Added Snow Wolf base material so it looks different from Conifer Wolf when no fur is visible
  • Fix Polar Bear MRO textures not using the Masks setting
  • Fixed an issue causing hedgehogs to damage dead or ragdolling enemies.
  • Improved collision setups on Desert Wolf BP
  • Added missing engine texture to fix editor startup warnings
  • Enabled flushing asset streaming on exit to fix crash when exiting the game
  • Fixed floating voxels near D9, swapped materials on desert underwater rocks, Yellow, Red, Blue Quad, Styx
  • Added right side of the half ramp pieces.
  • Added collision to the top and beams of concrete half frames.
  • Added logic to allow frames to be placed adjacent to the existing floor.

ICARUS Week 30 Update is available on PC.

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