ICARUS: New Styx Territory and Missions Now Available in Week 25 Update

Week 25 Update
Week 25 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Developer Rocketwerkz launched a free DLC for ICARUS via Week 25 update. This patch provides players with new content, including an 8x8 map to explore, missions to complete, and creatures that present new challenges.

New Content

The biggest highlight of the Week 25 update is the new Styx territory. This 8x8 map is based around a large central river network and is home to several new creatures, including the adolescent caveworms, Kea, Komodo, and Crocodiles.

The Kea deserves a special mention because it is the first avian creature introduced in ICARUS. Players should not be fooled by this bird’s colorful appearance and seemingly good demeanor because it can use its wits to steal food from any undefended food store.

As mentioned earlier, there are new missions to complete in Week 25 update: 14 to be exact. Most of them require players to explore and go on an expedition, but there’s an extermination mission available as well.

All of the new content in this patch is available for those who have purchased ICARUS. Developer Rocketwerkz may charge a small price for similar DLCs in the future.


  • Adolescent Caveworms: Once they grow beyond their larval stage prevalent in Icarus' caves, they become significantly more dangerous and can venture beyond their subterranean nests
  • Komodo: Typically distracted by food, these will likely not bother you unless you come between them and their meal. They have a nasty bite that can leave prospectors nauseous at best
  • Crocodiles: Ever-present around the water bodies of Icarus, they’re most at home in the water but can still be a notable threat on land. Their thick hide makes them resistant to projectiles
  • Improved the way player loadouts are handled to reduce the chance of players losing loadouts/items. Modifying the way players' loadouts are granted, the players dropship now controls and stores the state internally of whether or not it has granted the loadout to its inventory, no more passing of items from player. This allows disconnections to occur during the dropship sequence and players will still be able to get their loadout upon reconnecting
  • Fixed the Drill power quest step incorrectly checking whether the drill was active or not and progressing without the drill having biofuel in, slightly tweaked the worm respawn timer on the second stage of the quest
  • Fixed the Drill power quest step incorrectly checking whether the drill was active or not and progressing without the drill having biofuel in as previous fix also broke the quest step, both are fixed now
  • Improved game performance degradation after extended playtime due to AI getting stuck in loops and constantly executing expensive GOAP action precondition checks
  • Fixed another instance of NPCs getting soft-locked when trying to pick between multiple incomplete actions that caused large performance drops until they died or despawned

ICARUS Week 25 update is available on PC.

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