ICARUS: Blueprint Tree Received Massive Overhaul; Certain Maps No Longer Free

Week 81 Update Rocketwerkz

New ICARUS players might not like the recent change in the Week 81 update. That's because after over a year, the Styx map and missions pack are no longer available for free. Instead, new players will have to purchase the DLC for $8.99.

No Longer Free

Players who had purchased ICARUS before last week can enjoy all of the content that Styx has to offer. This means that the recent change only affects new players. According to developer Rocketwerkz, this is going to be the company's approach when it comes to paid expansions moving forward.

If there's any consolation, those who have the DLC can invite others into their multiplayer session without any problems. However, players who want to go solo or host their own games have no choice but to buy the DLC.

Blueprint Tree Rebalanced

Despite some content now being locked behind a paywall, the company did make major changes in the Week 81 update that everyone can enjoy. The Blueprint Tree has received a rework in this update, with the goal of shifting some stuff around to make better sense of their tiering.

For example, some tier-three and tier-four recipes have been readjusted to use refined wood and cured leather, rather than basic wood and leather to better reflect their tier.

In addition, ingots can be broken down and turned into intermediary items used for crafting. Here is a rundown:

  • 1 Gold Ingot > 5 Gold Wire
  • 1 Copper Ingot > 5 Copper Wire
  • 1 Platinum Ingot > 4 Platinum Sheath
  • 3 Titanium Ingot > 1 Titanium Plate

Here are the other adjustments in the Blueprint Tree rework:

  • The Cured Leather recipe has been added to the Advanced and Electric Armor Benches
  • Steel is now also craftable in Stone Furnaces as it establishes itself as a high Tier 2 ingredient, making room for the other metals in Tiers 3 and 4
  • Adding editor utility widgets for quick look-up of recipes, items, and their unlock tiers and devices
  • Adjusting Blueprint tree layout so items names are no longer clipped on the bottom
  • Adjusting T4 portable beacon so it is now T3 and adjusted recipe cost accordingly
  • Add data and assets for AlphaWolf, Bear, Buffalo, ConiferWolf, Cougar, Deer, Jaguar, PolarBear, SnowWolf, and SnowLeopard decoration rugs
  • Basic Wall Lights and Basic Ceiling Lights are now craftable on the fabricator and have been shifted to T4 as they require electricity
  • Recipe Adjustment: Beacons now at T3 instead of T4
  • Recipe Adjustment: [Wood > x5 Refined wood] instead of 10 like before
  • Small tweaks and reroute node fixes to blueprint tree
  • Recipe Alteration: Steel is now craftable in the stone furnace
  • Updating T3 blueprint tree to shift concrete mixer right at the front as it is required for a lot of T3 recipes
  • Reorganize T3 blueprint tree to have all recipes requiring concrete behind the concrete mixer
  • T2 Lantern is now crafted with Epoxy rather than glass
  • T2 Lantern is now powered by Animal fat, when turned on, it will take durability damage and when it breaks it can be repaired with animal fat, it should last around 45 minutes of real-time when on
  • Updated platinum weave recipe to use 2 platinum weave, instead of 1 platinum ingot (50% cost reduction, slightly more processing).

ICARUS Week 81 update is available on PC.

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