ICARUS Now Has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards That Players Can Complete

Galileo Update Rocketwerkz

The hefty Galileo update for ICARUS is now available on PC. This patch contains new content, most notably the fishing and bestiary systems. But there's also something for the completionists out there: Steam Achievements!

Steam Achievements

Players who have the knack for completing everything in ICARUS can now get their hands on the new Steam achievements introduced in the Galileo update. There are 40 Steam achievements that they can accomplish right now.

While there are some that are unlockable just by playing the game, such as "Baby Steps" where players simply have to finish the tutorial, others are also pretty challenging to complete.

For instance, "Gotta Catch Them All" is an achievement that can only be acquired after unlocking all creature entries in the Bestiary. As if that's not difficult enough, there's the "One Shot, One Kill" achievement, which requires players to eliminate 1,000 targets with stealth critical hits.

ICARUS Steam Achievements Rocketwerkz

Trading Cards

The Galileo update brought nine trading cards to the game as well. Players can earn one trading card for completing an hour of playtime, but only half of the cards can be gained this way. They must trade with others if they want to complete the entire set.

ICARUS Trading Cards Rocketwerkz



  • Fish wall mounts are now correctly destroyed at 0 durability
  • Disable creature audio button if bestiary record has not been unlocked.
  • Fix bestiary trait icon being scaled incorrectly.
  • Fix bestiary stat unlock listing unlock requirement as 80 instead of 100%
  • Items crafted at the fishing bench can now correctly be destroyed to return resources
  • Tackleboxes will now only drop items in an overflow bag when destroyed, not when picked up
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Large Advanced Aquarium flavor text
  • Fixed geode lamps not saving their enabled state between prospect reloads

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixing Carved Wood decorations to be called "Carved" and not "Caved"
  • Fix Large Desert Antelope bones mesh receiving incorrect material assignment after refactor
  • Fix ice/heat affect can jam onscreen when mounting/unmounting with afflications
  • Fixed enzyme geysers not loading state. This was being caused by attempting to match save data to geysers using UId's which were failing to match up. Have disabled UId matching in favor of instance name matching, as the geysers are static fixed objects which have reliable names
  • Add culling distance override support to Lakes
  • Culling settings on Caveworm BPs
  • Delete faulty cave light setups
  • Fixed bug where mission boards didn't have their mission list updated when another board was interacted with.
  • Fixed bug where drop pod dynamic lights weren't functioning correctly if the pod hadn't landed before (was spawned on ground by mission)
  • Preserve tackle box contents (inventory) when the tackle box is destroyed
  • Added source file changes related to previous UI stat hiding changes
  • Removed some caching of text from the chat box as it was causing messages to not show correctly
  • Removed some caching with the displayed weight on the encumberance bar on the HUD as it was showing old values until animating out
  • Picking up items with both hands empty will now randomly select a hand to play the pick up animation with

So, are you going to get all Steam Achievements for ICARUS?

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