ICARUS: Week 76 Update Brings New Wood Decorations to Add to Your Base

Week 76 Update Rocketwerkz

Developer Rocketwerkz understands that you want to sit back and relax after a hard day's work in ICARUS. So, the company included new rustic wooden decorations in the Week 76 update to add to your base.

New Wooden Decor

Six new wooden decors have been added in the Week 76 update for ICARUS. If you want to start crafting them, you must go to the Tier 2 tech tree and unlock Carved Wood Furniture.

After doing that, head to your Carpentry Bench and scroll to the very bottom to see the six new pieces of wooden furniture. Some of the new decors provide you with some useful buffs. For example, the Carved Wood Bed improves sleep quality and grants you the "Well Rested" buff for 850 seconds. Well Rested gives the following bonuses:

  • +10% Max Health
  • +10% Health Regeneration
  • +5 Max Stamina
  • +5% Stamina Regeneration
  • -5% Food Consumption
  • -5% Water Consumption

A Word About Fishing

The upcoming major update is just around the corner. That said, Rocketwerkz revealed more information about the new fishing mechanic and we've got some pretty juicy details.

First, fish can be found in various bodies of water in the game. However, each body of water contains different species of fish. So, if you're a completionist and want to acquire all 52 unique species of fish, you must scour the game world.

Once you've reeled in a fish, a few options will be available to you, such as:

  • Hungry?: Fillet it on the fishing bench and cook different dishes that give unique perks and buffs.
  • Proud of the Size?: Mount it on the wall, fit with its own name plaque for all to see.
  • Want a new friend at home?: Put it in your aquarium and spend your evenings talking to your new pal.
Fishing System Rocketwerkz


New Content

  • Enabling Carved wood Talent and enabling carved wood recipes so they can be seen in-game, also enabling storage tags on the items that have storage so they are effected by the talent that provides extra storage space when crafted


  • Add more checks around position of overflow bag when respawn from gravestone
  • Updated Pneumonia debuff description to mention that it can be countered with antibiotics

So, what can you say about the new wooden decors in ICARUS Week 76 update?

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