I Am Your President Arriving on Steam February 27

Do you have what it takes to rule?
Do you have what it takes to rule? President Studio

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be the head of the most powerful country in the world? You'll get that chance when I Am Your President launches on Steam this February 27. The game lets you play as the US president and not only run the country how you like it but even decide the fate of the world.

I Am Your President is a presidency simulator game that offers a satirical twist. The political chess game starts the moment you sit in the Oval Office. Be sure to build a cabinet composed of your most trusted allies and be ready when the enemies strike. Also, remember that in this presidential career of yours, domestic turmoil and world affairs aren't the only thing you need to face.

At the Palm of Your Hand

As the Commander-in-Chief, you have the power to do what you want whether to conquer the world or abstain from violence. You can start a regular war or maybe send some of your best soldiers on a secret mission. No matter what action you take, expect some reaction from other politicians, journalists, or even the common voters.

Make the Right Response

The game offers a lot of dialogues with different ways to respond. Of course, there will be various results like making allies or making previous supporters mad. It's important to follow the narrative and react to events. Before making a decision, be sure to talk to your advisors. It may seem that there's no wrong answer, but you'll know once you see the results.

The good news is that if you fail, you can try again and discover new dialogues.

Influence the Public

We all know that social media played a role in many elections in the real world. The same is true in the game where you get to use the well-known social media platform Screecher. Don't forget to "screech" your plans. You can praise the voter or call somebody names. It's all up to you to come up with how you're going to come across on the internet.

Key Features

If you're excited, here are the game features:

  • Presidential duties
    • Make promises and almost always keep them.
    • Do everything to make America great again even at a cost of personal life.
  • Projects
    • Create tangible change in the American way of living by proposing and passing new laws and projects,
  • World’s Map
    • Make decisions based on America’s standing on the international political stage.
    • Influence the course of history to bring America to greatness.
  • Branching story
    • Each term of office comes with its own troubles and challenges, so no playthrough is exactly the same.
    • Decisions have consequences which change more than just stats.
  • Rule and Conquer
    • A political game of chess where there’s only one winner and it better be America.

What do you think? Can you rule? Wishlist I Am Your President on Steam.

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