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Hyper Scape just received its very first patch. The game is still in closed beta, so future patches were expected. The update released on July 6 brings a ton of balancing changes, but no existing bugs were fixed. The devs did promise that they will be releasing a list of known issues soon. The update is only 182MB in size.

The Hexfire mini-gun has been nerfed. The damage was reduced and hip-fire while moving has been increased. The Skybreaker's damage was also reduced, however, no changes were made to the gun’s behavior. The update also buffed the Komodo’s damage output and nerfed the damage output of the Salvo.

The complete July 6 update patch notes are mentioned below or on the official Reddit post.

Hyper Scape - July 6, 2020 Patch Notes



The Hexfire (aka Mini-gun, aka brrrrr!) was behaving in a much more dominant/all-purpose role than we witnessed in our own internal tests. The Time-to-kill (TTK) of the weapon is too fast if you add the benefit of a large magazine and firing stability. We want gameplay to be diverse, and so the Hexfire needs to become a less obvious choice vs. other weapons.

We are reducing the overall damage output of the weapon, but without seriously changing its core behavior & comfort for now. We will continue to monitor it moving forward.

Detailed changes:

  • Damage across Fusion levels decreased to 3/3/3/3/4, down from 4/4/4/4/5
  • Contextual movement Spread in Hip-fire (run, sprint & in-air states) has been slightly increased to reinforce difference with Ripper in term of mobility. Aim Down Sight (ADS) accuracy is unchanged.


The Skybreaker’s success has broken our expectations. In our tests the Skybreaker was used as a slower but powerful/contextually great weapon. We’re pleased to see it used in fast airborne combat, but we believe it’s currently doing a bit too much damage compared to other weapons.

Only damage will be lowered, for now the gun behavior & blast radius are unchanged.

Detailed changes:

  • Damage across Fusion levels decreased to 40/46/52/58/64, down from 50/57/65/72/80


Salvo has been used a lot, and raised many comments about its brutal efficiency indoors. Although we like its accessibility, it’s become a bit too much of a short-range, fire-and-forget weapon. For now, the proximity detonation will not be modified but we will lower its damage a bit.

The small damage reduction will be enough to prevent a 4-hit kill at full Fusion.

Detailed changes:

  • Damage across Fusion levels decreased to 22/22/22/22/28, down from 25/25/25/25/31


Komodo has seen some use but we feel it needs a little buff to be more of an option vs. Salvo or Ripper. We will adjust its damage based on the new values of Salvo.

Detailed changes:

  • Damage across Fusion levels increased to 22/22/22/22/28, up from 20/20/20/20/25


The first days of Technical Test have seen little usage of the D-Tap. The weapon’s auto-lock system works. However, we believe its damage output is a bit too low to make it interesting enough, so we are increasing the Rate of Fire, both in Hip-fire & ADS.

(Please note that in ADS the D-TAP already has a +15% faster RoF & an increased lock range compared to Hip-fire)

Detailed changes:

  • Rate of Fire in Hip-fire +10%
  • Rate of Fire in ADS +10%



The Armor Hack did not have a dominant presence in our internal tests so far, which proves how useful this Technical Test with all of you has been. Armor has been heavily used in the previous days and generated a lot of discussion. We have seen players learning how to time their attacks to exploit its inherent weaknesses (while in armor you can’t shoot, you can’t use a hack, you can’t even break a barricade with melee). However, even so, the Armor remains a strong hack that we are changing to be less powerful. The fact that players have learned to use the cooldown “Fusion-reset” to double stack it (or even triple stack it) while wearing the Crown is amazing but we can’t let players get up to 24s of Armor non-stop during Showdown. Thor _

We are not changing the behavior for now, but we are modifying cooldown and duration to create more windows of opportunity when facing an armored contender.

Detailed changes:

  • Hack duration lowered to 6s, down from 8s
  • Cooldown across fusion increased to 14/13/12/11/9s, up from 12/11/10/9/7s


Dark Haze mode has shown more Mine usage compared to Crown Rush but we think it is still underused compared to other hacks. The Mine is currently a bit slow to react and managing to hit players reliably with it is harder than we expected.

Mine’s overall reactivity will be improved: Its trigger time will be shortened so it activates and starts chasing players sooner, and the Mine Projectile acceleration will be increased.

Detailed changes:

  • Hack trigger timer duration lowered to 0.5s, down from 1s
  • Projectile acceleration time to reach full speed has been strongly increased
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