How To Make Your Own Pair Of Snapchat Spectacles; Be Trendy Without Paying $130

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We live in a world with self-driving cars, countries that run entirely on green energy and a president with very tiny hands and what what do people choose to care about? Snapchat Spectacles; a brand new fad sweeping the nation’s techy and trendy. For $130, Snapchat will sell you sunglasses with a special camera on the side that allows you to take 10-second videos with your face.

Snapchat is a smart, millennial driven corporation that knows how to tug at the purse strings of its clientele. Spectacles can only be purchased from a special vending machine, called a Snapbot, that can appear anywhere, including at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. If you do manage to find one of these pop-up shops or find time to visit the physical store in New York, you can expect to wait on a line three-to-six-hour long.

If wasting your entire day doesn't seem like an appetizing proposition, there are alternatives. Here’s an easy guide to create your own pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles for a fraction of the price. I call these iDigi Receptacles.    

1. You’ll need a pair of sunglasses, a webcam, a sunglass case and lots of Duct Tape.

A roll of duct tape, a webcam, sunglasses and a sunglass case Photo: IDigitalTimes

2. Attach the webcam to your sunglasses, making sure to not obstruct your camera’s lens. Why live your life when you can be recording it in 10-second intervals?

Your fabulous new device! Photo: IDigitalTimes

3. Your Receptacles are going to need to charge, so attach your webcam’s USB cable to your case. That way, you can pretend your Spectacles are charging while you're taking selfies with your phone.

Make sure that charging port is connected. Photo: IDigitalTimes

4. Finally, sync up your new Receptacles with your phone by opening up your Gmail account and emptying your Trash folder, because that obviously works.

Make sure to empty your Trash, Bluetooth is for losers. Photo: IDigitalTimes

Congratulations, you are now a member of an elite group of people with iDigi Receptacles. Stroll into work with your newfound glory and watch the flesh melt off your colleagues face as they stare directly into its glowing majesty. Always keep a forged receipt on you, just in case somebody has the gall to try and prove your glasses inferiority.

It doesn't matter that your Spectacles aren’t going to take video or really do anything; fashion statements don’t need a practical purpose. Aren’t you glad you didn’t spend $130 on the real thing? They are just going to gather dust when Super Spectacles (now with emojis on the side) come out when Snapchat feels they’ve lost the hype.

If all else fails, you can always sit on that line and make friends with people that waited for days to buy Google Glasses “because wearable tech is the way of the future.”

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