House Party To Introduce New Story For Derek In 0.17.0 Update

New pee mechanic set to be introduced as well.
New story and new mechanic.
New story and new mechanic. Eek! Games

House Party revealed that it’s currently working on a new update that’s going to introduce a new story for the character Derek. That’s not all, as there also going to be a new mechanic to be released as well along with some new changes. Dubbed as 0.17.0, this upcoming update has already been released to alpha testers.

New Story

Let’s start with Derek. In the game, he is the player’s friend and is, in fact, the only person the player knows in the party. In fact, the reason why Derek is in the party in the first place is because he had hooked up with Madison just a week ago. The reason the players was invited to come along was to manage what is clearly the awkward situation between Derek and Madison.

While the update is indeed going to focus on Derek, developer Eek! Games didn’t reveal any other details. In a post, the Eek! Team said that they’re already 30% complete on the work for the new story which is actually already a good portion of playable content. They did, however, add that the “second alpha will have much more.”

New Mechanic

The previously mentioned new mechanic that is getting introduced is one that’s sure to delight players. Eek! Games is calling it the Pee Mechanic and it is going to allow players “to urinate freely in a social environment.”

That said, it’s not going to be possible to just pee at any time. As such, this new feature is going to be complemented by adding more alcohol to the game. However, players know that’s not going to be easy when taking into account Leah and Frank. These two characters are more than happy to beat down a player, especially if they have alcohol on them.

The upcoming update is going to change the way these two detect any alcohol-related shenanigans. They’ll still beat a player who takes alcohol into their inventory. However, these two are going to offer a warning first for players that are simply holding alcohol. This should give players a chance to escape any potential ass kicking, especially if they put the alcohol down.

You can view the new changes currently being tested here.

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