DC Universe Online Puts Spotlight on Death of Superman

Remembering an iconic event.
Remembering an iconic event. Dimensional Ink Games

The Death of Superman remains to be one of the biggest and most iconic events of the DC universe. After all, who would think that it could happen to a powerful hero right? That’s going to be the Content Spotlight this week in DC Universe Online.

Beginning June 3 and until June 9, everyone gets to enjoy double Tributes when finishing instanced or mission content in "Death of Superman." Tributes can be used to buy gear and rewards from the Death of Superman vendors. Two new items for Tributes are the Doomsday Totem and Streaky the Supercat.

In addition, players get to enjoy a 50% discount on any Death of Superman gear available at vendors.

How to Play

To play the Death of Superman content, simply follow these steps:

  • Look for the Doomsday raid:
    • For “easy” under the Tier 2 section of the 8-player On Duty menu.
    • For “hard” under the Tier 9 section of the 8-player On Duty menu.
  • Players can also look for the Last Son of Krypton solo in the 1-Player On Duty menu right at the top, which is under the Vault.
  • Use the map to warp or travel to Doomed Metropolis to collect missions and fight Doomsday in the open world.

Bonus Stabilizer

From June 3 to June 9, all players get bonus Stabilizer Fragments upon finishing the daily Stabilizer event in the On Duty menu. Specifically, players get five times the number of fragments that they usually do.

However, it’s important to remember that the amount of the rewards for each event depends on the access level. It’s pretty much going to look like this:

  • Members
    • Standard Reward: 6 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X Bonus Reward: 30 Stabilizer Fragments (two complete Stabilizers)
  • Premium Access Level
    • Standard Reward: 4 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X Bonus Reward: 20 Stabilizer Fragments (one and one-third complete Stabilizers)
  • Free Players
    • Standard Reward: 3 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X Bonus Reward: 15 Stabilizer Fragments (one complete Stabilizer)

In DCUO, players can form one Stabilizer by using Stabilizer Fragments, and Stabilizers can then be used to open a Time Capsule. Currently, it’s the Knight of Vengeance Time Capsule, which you can learn more about here.

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