DC Universe Online Making All Future Episodes Free

Good news for everyone.
Good news for everyone. Dimensional Ink

DC Universe Online players are sure happy with the big news that’s been dropped. All episodes are now available for free and this was confirmed by none other than DCUO Senior Producer Landon “Panderus” Falls.

In DCUO , Episodes are a way for the game to offer new content and expand the game. In the past, Episodes were exclusively available for players with an active subscription. Those with no such subscription must pay a fee to play an Episode. That all changed when the game offered Episode 40: World of Flashpoint for free.

Something for Members

You’re probably wondering what’s going to happen to those who have a subscription. Won’t it be unfair to them? Well according to Falls, they will update the membership and one change is to give a new benefit to members. He continued that they hope to offer something having a value greater than the costs. Hopefully, this should be enough to make sure that members continue with their subscriptions.

Future Plans

So what else is coming to DCUO? For the second quarter, the game is launching its spring seasonal event on May 13. There’s also the summer seasonal event scheduled in June. For both of these events, players can expect new rewards and a new time capsule.

On the development side, Falls revealed that the teams are continuing work for the next release, which is slated this summer. Once that’s done, the teams will begin working on another release set to be launched sometime this fall. Work also includes making sure that episodes are free and that membership is updated.

PS5 News

The teams have also started working on the PlayStation 5 version. However, this won’t be a major overhaul but mainly introducing some minor improvements.


Overall, here’s what’s players can expect:

  • Second Quarter
    • World of Flashpoint
    • Spring Event
    • Summer Event
    • Time Capsule 21
  • Third Quarter
    • Membership Update
    • Free Episodes
    • Unannounced Features
    • Content Launch
  • Fourth Quarter
    • Content Launch
    • Community Style (Blue Beetle)
    • Fall Event
    • Winter Event
  • Future
    • PlayStation 5

So what do you think of this news? Excited yet?

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