Horizon Forbidden West Explorable Regions Revealed

Horizon Forbidden West
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Since Horizon Forbidden West's announcement, fans already knew that it will feature an explorable San Francisco. The announcement trailer itself revealed two major landmarks of the city, including the Ferry Building and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now we know every explorable region in Horizon Forbidden West, thanks to the September 2020 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. The confirmation will also clear up some confusion regarding a specific region shown in the announcement trailer.

According to Official PlayStation magazine, Horizon Forbidden West will be set between Utah and the Pacific Ocean. Aloy's journey will involve traveling and exploring California, Nevada, and some regions of Utah. The trailer showcased Aloy exploring the Yosemite Valley, the Ferry Building, and the Palace of Fine Arts. It is also possible that we might have seen Aloy in certain areas of Nevada.

Fans have also been debating that the trailer shows Aloy in Chinatown. However, it is also equally possible that she might be in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West Guerrilla Games

In the trailer, Aloy is seen exploring the flooded and forested regions of California. Alongside the trailer, Guerilla Games also shared some screenshots, which shows Aloy exploring a desert region. This desert region could very well be Nevada, which ended up being buried as the time of the Old Ones came to an end.

From the looks of the setting, it seems that these regions will play more of an important role in Forbidden West than in Zero Dawn. Forbidden West's story centers around the red blight affecting the region, causing supercell storms.

It is also said that Horizon Forbidden West's map will be bigger than Horizon Zero Dawn. Certain areas in the games are hundreds of miles apart from each other. Director Mathijs de Jonge said that the PlayStation 5 has offered the team to push beyond their limits in creating an expansive open world.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on PlayStation 5 in 2021.

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