Horizon Chase 2 Officially Announced, Coming to Apple Arcade on September 9

All major consoles and PC versions coming in 2023.
Horizon Chase 2 is releasing for the Apple Arcade service on September 9.
Horizon Chase 2 is releasing for the Apple Arcade service on September 9. AQUIRIS

Developer AQUIRIS announced a September 9 release date for Horizon Chase 2, the sequel to the arcade racing title Horizon Chase Turbo. Horizon Chase 2 is coming to the Apple Arcade first, then to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2023. To celebrate the release date announcement for the Apple Arcade, AQUIRIS unveiled an official trailer for Horizon Chase 2, which you can check out below.

The trailer for Horizon Chase 2 teases several new locations for the game’s races, including Bangkok, the Amazon, Fint Oasis, and Alberobello. Barry Leitch will also return as music composer for Horizon Chase 2’s tracklist. The trailer also teased various cars and customization options players can access once the game finally launches.

Horizon Chase 2 is billed as an evolution of the award-winning racing franchise that continues the arcade racing spirit. It features the classic 90s signature racing gameplay that heavily utilizes tight control with overtakes, forks, and nitrous, making it incredibly easy to pick up and play but hard to master. Horizon Chase Turbo, the first game, was envisioned as a spiritual successor to the Top Gear series on the SNES, and Horizon Chase 2 looks to continue that trend with its arcade-y look and feel.

Horizon Chase 2 also features full multiplayer compatibility across game modes, allowing you and your crew of friends to race in many courses. Whether you choose to assemble the perfect racing crew to progress together or compete head-to-head with your friends and players across the world, the decision is yours.

Like the first title, cars in Horizon Chase 2 are fully customizable based on your personal preferences. Participating in races unlocks a whole new horde of cosmetic items that allow you to change every car to fit your driving style and personality. Besides the looks, the weather also plays an important role in the game. Weather conditions and moods now affect your gameplay, making Horizon Chase 2 a much more skill-based affair to complete the perfect arcade racing experience.

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