For Honor’s Year 3 Season 4 Update 2.15.0 Introduces New Hero And Map

New hero and new map.
New hero and new map. Ubisoft

For Honor is gearing up to release its Year 3 Season 4 with the 2.15.0 update, which adds the new Wu Lin Hero named Zhanzu. The big update is scheduled to be released on November 7.

New Hero

Zhanzu can be played as a male, Sun Da, or as a female, Fu Huo. Serving under the Wu Lin banner, Sun Da is a dark force that travels west bringing terror and dread into battle. As Fu Huo, players fight in service to Empress Dou. They need to go out and deliver the might of the Wu Lin, striking fear into enemies as an unpredictable warrior.

Both strong and agile, the Zhanzu make use of a Changdao, a long and single-edged blade. The Zhanzu are considered dodge attack experts that bank on their mobility. They are also experts in artillery, being able to use new types of attacks. They burn the enemy and wreak havoc across the battlefield.

Players who have the Year 3 pass immediately are able to play as the Zhanzu starting November 7. Meanwhile, all other players can get access to the new Hero starting on November 14 for 15,000 Steel.

This new hero's basic overview is as follows:

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Counter-Attacker
  • Dodge Attack Specialist
  • Special Capabilities
    • Powerful dodge attacks that can be chained together
    • Finishers are Unblockable
    • Unique fiery Feats

In addition, the Zhanhu comes with 25 weapon sets and three armor sets with four variations each

New Map

Year 3 Season 4 takes place just after a massive sandstorm, which resulted in wrecking the Wu Lin territories. Many of the warriors made the decision to go west and take refuge in Heathmoor. Others decided to stay and support the Emperor while rebuilding the army.

Among these many warriors is the leader of the Zhanzu, Sun da. He has managed to find new ways in using fir at this laboratory located at Qiang Pass, which is the newest map coming to For Honor. This is located at a narrow pass situated between two mountains. Here, the Wu Lin built a grand fortress that looks over a strategic route. With mountains on each side of the fortress, it was easy to defend since the focus was on one front. However, a catastrophe weakened its fortifications. Since then, attackers have amassed at Qiang Pass, more than determined to open a path for their own invading forces.

Patch 2.15.0

The new hero and map arrive with Patch 2.15.0, which also introduces balance to heroes and hero feats. You can view all the changes that are coming in the patch here.

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