For Honor Year 3 Season 2 Teased With A New Trailer

A creepy-looking warrior with a terrifyingly huge axe - what's the worst that could happen?
Sakura joins the fray as part of the Samurai faction.
Sakura joins the fray as part of the Samurai faction. Ubisoft

A new Hero is set to grace the battlefield as For Honor announces the arrival of its Year 3, Season 2 content.

A new trailer For Honor has been released, this time detailing what we can expect from its third year of content next month. This content update, of course, comes with a new Hero, which is teased briefly in the short trailer.

The new Hero is called the Sakura, the Hitokiri warrior, who is part of the Samurai faction and will be introduced at the launch of For Honor Year 3, Season 2 beginning May 2, 2019. The Hero sports a ghost-like appearance in a creepy-looking mask, with a rather huge axe to boot. It’s hard to imagine what kind of move-set the character will have in-game, but we can only hope that it incorporates some of the design that went into her during the trailer, that is, a seeming grasp of spreading fear throughout the battlefield.

A listing has also gone into detail on what we can further expect from the coming update.

The Hitokiri are ghostly warriors who have lost all faith in humanity. They wander the land clutching their Masakari, the mighty axes they used to sentence and execute criminals, their presence on the battlefield spreads a black cloud that can terrify their enemies. This new archetype will have both female and male versions: Sakura and Yato. In addition, Year 3, Season 2 will introduce additional Hero updates to improve the roster, focusing on the Lawbringer and the Raider, as well as a new map, Canopy, that will be added free for all For Honor players.

It looks like the Lawbringer and Raider are up next on the radar to be balanced. This seems fair, given as these characters are some of the most played ones currently and there are some instances where they have unfair advantages. The release of the new map, Canopy, could be interesting as well, especially as it’s been quite some time since a new map was released.

A detailed list of what will go down on the upcoming patch is scheduled to be previewed this week, April 25, on the Warrior’s Den livestream held by Ubisoft. Sakura, the new character, will be available to all For Honor Year 3 Pass holders on May 2. Everybody else can get the fighter on May 9 for 15,000 Steel. Buying a Year 3 Pass allows you access to heroes that will be released in Year 3 earlier and for free. This Year 3 Pass costs $30 and is available on the Uplay store.

For Honor is available to play on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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