For Honor's Wrath Of The Jormungandr Event Is Now Live

Drop the hammer on your enemies.
Drop the hammer on your enemies. Ubisoft

For Honor revealed that it is initiating a new limited-time event titled Wrath of the Jormungandr. The event is inspired by the new Jormungandr Viking Hero. This event allow players to play a special version of the Breach mode called Ragnarok. New outfits, weapons, and ornaments, along with customization items are going to be introduced, all of which have been designed to evoke the spirit of the serpent. The Wrath of the Jormungandr begins October 3.

In this new event, a massive sea serpent is going to spawn a powerful hammer. Any player that manages to wield this weapon is going to basically become Thor and have the ability to strike their enemies with chain lightning and ground smash abilities.

As mentioned, Ragnarok is similar to the Breach mode, and the differences between the two include:

  • Respawn time lowered to 20 seconds
  • Respawn time no longer increases based on bounty
  • Tickets are deactivated for Phase 1 and 2
  • Ram is no longer healed after passing through the first gate
  • Attackers receive tickets at the start of Phase 3 proportional to the remaining ram health:
    • <10% = 6 tickets
    • 50% = 14 tickets
    • >90% = 18 tickets

Jormungandr Hero

This past August 1, For Honor released Year 3, Season 3 dubbed Hulda. The new season brought the Jormungandr Viking Hero to For Honor. These are Viking sectarians who are are devoted to the mythical great serpent of the same name. Armed with the mighty War Hamarr, the Jormungandr cull the weak before Ragnarok arrives since only the strongest are allowed to fight in the battle to come.

Players with the Year 3 Pass got immediate access upon launch of the new season. For other players, the Jormungandr was available for purchase for 15,000 in-game steel.

Released in 2017, For Honor gives players the chance to play the roles of the historical forms of soldiers and warriors like knights, samurai, and vikings. The game takes place after a natural catastrophe which pitted the most fearsome of warriors against each another in a battle for resources and territory. The warlord Apollyon believed that Knights, Vikings, and Samurai have all grown weak and intended to create an age of all-out war through manipulation of each faction. In October 2018, the Matching Fire expansion added the Wu Lin faction, which is composed of Chinese warriors.

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