For Honor: Prepare for the Arrival of the Medjay

A new hero.
A new hero. Ubisoft

The newest hero is more than ready to make his presence felt in For Honor; the Medjay is coming to Heathmoor this July 28. Players can get this new hero in a package that also comes with an exclusive ornament, an Elite outfit, three scavenger crates, and seven days of Champion Status.

How does the Medjay get to be involved in Heathmoor? An Outlander by the name of Neferkha is considered the last descendant of Pharaohs. Neferkha has gone to Heathmoor intending to retrieve the Scarab Bracelet relic; this same relic was stolen by the Viking Jarl Bolthorn at the start of Year 6 Season 2. Bolthorn plans to use the magic of the relic to give his people endless food and drink. The problem was that it brought a curse instead.

The good news is that the Medjay have both the skills and knowledge needed to end the curse. Neferkha is a resourceful fighter and as a Medjay, wields a wide-reaching Fan Axe and a Dual-Wielding Axe. This makes him excellent not only in group battles but also in one-on-one fights. By the way, Neferkha is the first Egyptian Hero in the game.

For those who can’t purchase the pack, players can unlock the Medjay for 15,000 Steel starting August 11. There’s also a free week for PC and PlayStation on July 28, which should let players try the game’s Standard Edition.

Players who buy the game after the free week can carry over their progression and heroes. By the way, the Friend Referral program is back in For Honor. What this program does is give rewards to players who invite their friends to play.

The Medjay is the second Outlander to be part of the roster; the first one was The Pirate which joined the game in January of this year. He carries a cutlass and pistol and can even combine pistol blasts and heavy attacks; he can also chain attack.

What do you think? Are you excited to give the Medjay a try?

For Honor is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Ubisoft+ subscription.

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