Hitman 3: See What's Happening This June

New events and new reward.
New events and new reward. IO Interactive

June is here so there are things that need to be done in Hitman 3, like the usual Elusive Targets and Featured Contracts.

Players can also look forward to seeing Marrakesh on the free location rotation. Yes, it's back but it won't be staying long, only until June 12. For those new to the game, this location was first introduced in the third episode of Hitman 1. It required players to take out two targets in North Africa.

Elusive Target

We now move on to the Elusive Targets and the first one is the "The Serial Killer." The target appears as a respectable businessman on the outside, one who's planning to buy a house in Whittleton Creek. The reality is that he is the seasonal serial killer known as The Censor, one who "grades" victims based on how much they struggled. The target already arrived last June 3 and is only active for 10 days, so double time!

The next target is Vito Đurić, aka "The Gunrunner." He is a charismatic arms dealer who's been known to get anything for anyone. He arrives on June 10 and as the first target, is active for 10 days.

In addition to what's been mentioned, players can look forward to June 16 when three new Elusive Target Arcades are going to arrive. Those able to complete any of the batches unlock the White Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle. This high-precision sniper rifle comes decorated with a gritty and urban motif.

Finally, there's Terrence Chesterfield, aka "The Liability." A lot of people call him the laziest building inspector in the world. That's because he really doesn't care about the building as long as he can get that quick firm handshake and then move on. He'll be arriving at Club Hölle in Berlin on July 1 and active for 10 days.

Community Featured Contracts

There are two Community Featured Contracts available this month and the first one drops on June 23. With the theme “Heat Stroke,” players need some cool techniques and hot eliminations.

The second is on June 30 and is all about the “Hot Scope.” Players need to bring their sniper skills in this one.

Learn more about what’s happening in June here.

Hitman 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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