Hitman 3 March Roadmap Reveals Changes to Arcade Contracts

Check out what's happening this month.
Check out what's happening this month. IO Interactive

March has arrived and there's a lot to expect in Hitman 3. One of these is the changes in Arcade Contracts which are already live.

These changes are:

  • Mission briefing is going to be reintroduced for each individual mission within an Arcade Contract.
  • There's going to be one single complication that is persistent throughout each Arcade Contract.
  • These complications have been removed:
    • From The Deceits:
      • “Hide All Bodies”
      • “Camera Countdown”
    • From The Codices:
      • “One Disguise Change”
      • “Headshots Only”
    • From The Ellipses:
      • “No Ballistics”
      • “Camera Countdown”
  • The only remaining complications are:
    • From The Deceits:
      • “One Pacification”
    • From The Codices
      • “No Civilian Casualties”
    • From The Ellipses
      • “Hide All Bodies”

Exciting as those changes are, here are the ones currently being worked on:

  • All ET Arcade Contracts to feature 3 targets per Arcade Contract.
  • Avoid complications that are considered to be creatively restrictive or can result in instant failure, this includes the "Hide All Bodies" complication.
  • Investigate making all ET Arcade complications optional. If unexpected issues are encountered, this additional change goes live with the next patch.

Elusive Targets

Players can expect to take on a new batch of three Arcade Contracts this March, one for each game in the Trilogy. Completing any one of them allows players to unlock the Sieger AR552 Tactical. Keep an eye out for The Nebulae, The Genera, and The Vitae. Elusive Target Arcade starts March 9.

On March 11, the Elusive Target known as The Collector arrives. Players are given 10 days to take him out. A successful completion counts toward unlocking ET suits via challenges.

Activities for the month ends with another set of Elusive Target Arcade. It starts March 24 and those who can complete at least one get the HWK21 Covert.

Patient Zero

In a post , the team at IO Interactive revealed that they looked back to the first Hitman game to allow support for more maps in Contracts Mode. Out of the four missions from the Hitman 1 Game of the Year "Patient Zero campaign," The Source (Bangkok) is already supported. However, The Vector (Colorado) won’t be supported in the future and this is due to the dynamic nature of the mission and unique sniper set-up.

The two other maps from the Patient Zero campaign have added Contracts Mode support for them this month. The Author (Sapienza) and Patient Zero (Hokkaido) will arrive on March 17.

Hitman 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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