‘Heroes Of The Storm 2.0’ Planning Map Rotation & More Battleground Updates

heroes of the storm 2.0
Heroes 2.0 Blizzard

For players new to Heroes of the Storm, learning the land of over twelve battlegrounds is a lot. While it’s a great thing to explore so much gameplay and different strategies, a brand new player coming in could have a hard time.

“For them coming in, we’ve heard, ‘Wow, I have no idea how to learn all this stuff,’” Kaeo Milker, senior producer of HOTS, told iDigitalTimes.

Currently, players get put in a pool with other new players and restricted just to Cursed Hollow. It’s something like five games before you unlock battlegrounds beyond that. It allows you to get your feet wet to make sure you're prepared and have seen the mini tutorials on individual battlegrounds.

“We’ll keep working on that and keep making that system better,” Milker said.

One of the ways this could happen, which would also affect all players, is by introducing a map pool. Some players have suggested a map veto system, but implementing a map rotation with more aggressive battleground updates is something the developers are seriously considering.

“Originally when we launched, we had a smaller set of battlegrounds, but as we’re adding more and more it makes total sense. We are talking about a few different ideas, probably the one that’s the most natural would be to have a pool of battlegrounds that are available per season, and so the play that you would be experiencing in ranked games or quick matches would be on a fixed set and that would match what’s also in HGC and then each season as we roll we’d have another set of battlegrounds.”

This would give players an opportunity to focus on a more concise set of battlegrounds. It would also give the developers the time to take some battlegrounds out of rotation for some tweaks, like they did with the Haunted Mines update.

Would you be in favor of a map pool? Let us know in the comments. Also be sure to check out Heroes of the Storm 2.0 , available today with Genji and a new map, Hanamura.

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