Here's Your Guide to the Classes in the Fantasy Battle Royale of PUBG: Battlegrounds

Choose one that fits your playstyle. Krafton

In case you didn't know, Fantasy Battle Royale is returning to PUBG: Battlegrounds later this month. While there are those that consider it a silly event mode, it has arguably its uses. For starters, its going to be offer a new gameplay experience. That is because it has players choose from different classes. Today we'll take a look at what those classes are.

Before that, let's look into the Class selection. What happens is that once matchmaking is completed, players are going to be asked to choose a class to play before flying to the Dragon's Isle. The Class select screen is automatically shown and players can bring it back up through the F8 key. There's no class limit so be creative as you can.

It's All About the Rage

One of the classes in Fantasy Battle Royale is the Barbarian. This rather fearsome melee combatant joins the fight with high HP and is not afraid to use his rage to increase movement speed. He swings his Kick Ash Longsword in a wide arc in front and as a result can obtain additional movement speed for each successful attack on an enemy.

Beat enemies fast and quick. Krafton

That's not all that this class can do. Barbarians are able to produce Mega Energy Drinks, which can then be used to recover large amounts of HP over time. While he may not have any other special attacks or even skills, his fast movement speed makes him a good option for those who want to chase down squishy opponents.

Damage from Afar

Another class is the Ranger, which is a long-ranged sniper that comes equipped with the deadly "Dragonslayer" crossbow. This crossbow can fire multiple shots in succession. She's often seen as a formidable opponent due to the long range and the high attack damage. The only catch is that she has a low amount of HP.

Kill from a distance or do it up close and personal. Krafton

The Ranger is also the best when it comes to sneak attacks since she can use stealth to emit no movement sounds. This class also brings utility to battle with the Flash Powder grenades which can temporarily blinds enemies and decreases the damage allies receive.

Prepare for Magic

When talking about fantasy and classes, there's always a class that's about magic. In this case it's the Wizard who's able to deal heavy damage by raining down fire on groups of enemies. Aside from a Fireball spell, the Wizard can also fire 2 consecutive blasts from the wands or even call meteor showers.

Time to deal a lot of damage. Krafton

Despite this, it's important to note that the Wizard needs help when it comes to protection. That's because this class has the lowest HP.

Let's Do This

Then there's the Paladin, which is basically the healing class. This class is all about protecting the weak as it heals allies with the Mendingstar and blocking incoming attacks through the Brooklyn Shield. It goes without saying that the Mendingstar can also deal damage and slow down enemies aside from healing allies. The Paladin also has what's known as the Shield Charge which allows him to knock away enemies.

Protect the weak. Krafton

Paladins are also able to regularly produce First Aid Kits which can be given to allies. They can also toss a "Heal Bomb" to create an AoE healing zone though enemies inside the zone are also healed. The only disadvantage that the Paladin has is that he can't ledge grab so may need to find rather creative ways to keep up with the team.

Fantasy Battle Royale returns to the game through update version 30.2. Read more about this fun mode here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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