Elden Ring: Here's Your Guide to the New Blessings Added in Shadow of the Erdtree

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The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is finally in Elden Ring and there's no question that there's a lot of new content to enjoy. One of these are the new blessings which we'll look into a little bit closer today.

You see the new expansion opens up the Shadow Realm and once inside, you'll be able to get your hands on rare items which give that much needed advantage.

Scadutree Fragments

There are two new items and the first one is the Scadutree Fragments. These can be used to increase the level of the Scadutree Blessing. This blessing not only increases the damage negation values of the character but also the Attack Power. Basically it means that you take less damage from enemy attacks while also being able to deal more damage with your own attacks.

The increase is applied as a percentage on top of the base values. Thus regardless of the equipment, you should get that much needed boost in terms of survivability. In addition, increasing the Scadutree Blessing level can be important especially for those struggling to defeat a particular enemy.

Here are some of the areas in the Shadow Realm where you may pick up these Scadutree Fragments:

  • Church of Consolation (2x Fragments)
  • Three-Path Cross Site of Grace (1x Fragment)
  • Main Gate Cross Site of Grace (1x Fragment)
  • Dropped from a shining Pot Shadow found in a graveyard West from Prospect Town (1x Fragment)
  • Castle Ensis before any boss 2x Fragments
  • Scaduview Cross Site of Grace (1x Fragment)
  • Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace (1x Fragment)
  • Belurat, Tower Settlement before boss (1x Fragment)

Revered Spirit Ashes

The second new item is called Revered Spirit Ash. It offers a blessing to Spirit Ashes what the Scadutree Blessing offers to the character. It can increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of Spirit Ashes to make them an even more formidable ally.

The only catch is that since Spirit Ash stats are not player-facing, you won't be able to manually check them to see the increase, but you'll likely notice it in their performance during battle.

Here are some areas where you can get them:

  • By a cliff found east from Scorched Ruins (just west across the gap from Church of Consolation) (1x)
  • Pond north-east from Prospect Town (1x)
  • Looted in the Abandoned Ailing Village altar (1x)
  • Looted by the Spider Scorpions shortly after entering Belurat Tower Settlement (2x)
  • Looted from places inside Belurat Tower Settlement (2x)

Quick Reminder

Once you manage to obtain any of the items mentioned, you'll have to rest at a Site of Grace. There you can access the new "Shadow Realm Blessing" menu option where you can apply the items and get their benefits.

Since the blessings received from both items are active at the same time, there won't be any need to choose which one to benefit from. Accessing higher levels of the blessing though needs you to spend more of the items. It starts at just one for the initial levels and increases to three for the highest ones. By the way, if you decide to return to the Lands Between, these blessings won't be active.

If you're excited to try out these new items, then check out the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. If you want to know how to enter the Shadow Realm and start your adventure, read more about it here.

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