Here's Your Guide to Finding the Special Bot Lady Maria in Astro's Playroom

How do you find a special bot like Lady Maria? Team Asobi

Astro Bot is all set to make its debut on the PlayStation 5 this September 6. While that's still months away, that doesn't mean developer Team Asobi has been relaxing. In fact, it looks like a lot has been happening in preparation for the big day.

For example, it looks like the studio had hidden four Special Bots inside Astro's Playroom, which came pre-loaded in each PS5 console. Those able to unlock these four hidden characters in Astro's Playroom can take them into the new Astro Bot game.

Well back in June, the studio released one of the four Special Bots. However, it was done in a manner that it became a treasure hunt riddle. It was indeed exciting, and a lot of players found Lady Maria.

Today we'll help you find this Special Bot.

Looking for the Lady

The first thing you need to do is head on over to the first area of GPU Jungle. In case you've forgotten, this is the Render Forest. Once you're there, look for a big plant that's near the edge of the level. It should be behind the Bloodborne Hunter Bot. Go to the top of this big plant and you should see a capsule where the Special Bot Lady Maria looks to be trapped.

A Clock Clue

Once you're on the capsule, there should be the image of a clock somewhere. You then need to lock around the level and you should find a similar looking clock symbol that's been carved into one of the trees. It takes a few jumps to reach so there's no need to rush.

Once you're reached it, you need to stand on the spot and then pause the game by simply pressing the options button. What happens is that instead of a normal pause, you should see a special Astral Clock screen appear. The question is, what date should you input?

It's actually 21.22.2015 or November 24, 2015. What's the reason you ask? This is actually the release date of the Bloodborne DLC which featured Lady Maria.

Once that's done, the capsule should open which means the Special Bot is now free. You should also be able to get a trophy.

What do you think? Easy right?

Astro's Playroom was released in November 2020 and exclusive for the PS5. The full-length sequel titled Astro Bot is set to be launched this September 6.

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